Best stuntman bollywood and tollywood

“Lights, Camera, Action”…is the standard quote before a film shooting. Action heroes  make a film successful …but we’re  going to have a look at some famous names in the world of stuntmanship in cinema, who from behind the scenes, make the film ‘a super hit’. Tollywood…the land of South Indian films has always given importance… Continue reading Best stuntman bollywood and tollywood

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Bollywood takes its inspiration from Hollywood.Be its action or cinematography they have been role models for Bollywood.As we think of timeless classic action films we remember.. Hollywood‘s ‘Lethal Weapon ‘( 1987)  starred Mel Gibson as )Sergeant Roger Murtaugh with Sergeant Martin Riggs try to locate a girl  Amanda, guilty of drugs & their journey likewise. A total action… Continue reading HOLLYWOOD’S BEST ACTION FILMS