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Ecommerce Photography Cost

product photography in mumbai

E-Commerce photo shoot and involving micro photography pricing (upto 3 and 4 number. images per product) on white background. (For less than 30 products please call us for the pricing)

Footwear Shoes 3 Images 50 Products 200 /
Sandals 3 Images 100 Products 175 /
Loafers 3 Images 101 150 /
Apparel - 4 Images 50 Products 200 /
Regular 4 Images 100 Products 175 /
Loafers 4 Images 101 150 /
Apparel Garments With Mannequin 4 Images 50 Products 700 /
4 Images 100 Products 650 /
4 Images 101 600 /
Apparel Lingerie With Models 4 Images 50 Products 650 /
4 Images 100 Products 600 /
4 Images 101 500 /
Sarees Sarees With Models 4 Images 50 Products 650 /
4 Images 100 Products 600 /
4 Images 101 500 /
Mix Products Eye Wear 3 Images 50 Products 250 /
Home 3 Images 100 Products 200 /
Toys 3 Images 101 150 /
Jewellery Neckless 4 Images 50 Products 400 /
Rings 4 Images 100 Products 350 /
Earings 4 Images 101 300 /
Bags Handbags 3 Images 50 Products 250 /
Wallets 3 Images 100 Products 200 /
Travel Bags 3 Images 101 150 /
Electronic Accessories Mobile 3 Images 50 Products 250 /
Laptop 3 Images 100 Products 200 /
Gaming 3 Images 101 150 /

Cataloging Charges

  1. Flat file creation and uploading charge 25 Rs. Per SKU

  2. Registration on e-commerce site (To help the seller to register their product on selected e-commerce site). Rs. 1000/- per site (one-time charge)

  3. We help the sellers comply with legal requirements and get TIN / VAT numbers Rs.35000/

Inventory Management Charges

Inventory Management – Help the seller to understand their product sale on multiple e-commerce sites, managing an online sale (like booking & delivery status), updating the product on e-commerce site.

Rs.1000/- per month and five rupees per product sold.

  1. Free Registration charges

  2. Applicable for upto Five e-commerce site

Additional Services – We provide services like Ads & Marketing, SEO, SEM, which helps sellers to grow their online business effectively.

Please Note

  1. For any extra angle image Rs. 30 will be charged over the rates given above.

  2. 50% advance payment to be made and balance before delivery of Images and products.

  3. For products like shiny products and Jewellery, the charges mentioned above indicate the minimum rates. The final rates would be given on understanding the detail required in the job.

  4. Any special props to be used for shoot needs to be provided.

  5. The cost does not include any taxes like service tax or TDS.

  6. For shoots of more than 100 products, we offer an option for shooting on the client's location.

  7. We also offer to pick up and drop facility for the products. For this, we charge flat fees ACTUAL

  8. The above prices are valid for 7 days from the mail sent date. The prices are subject to changes.

  9. Please let us know in advance in case of any preferences for Image angles. Otherwise, ecommerce portal guidelines would be followed.

Factors influencing the cost of Ecommerce Photography in India

product photography in mumbai

The cost of e-commerce photography in India can vary depending on a number of factors, including the product type, the quantity of product photographs, the complexity of the shoot, the setting of the shoot, the photographer's level of experience and expertise, the location, and the length of the photoshoot. For your reference, the following are some factors:

1. Simple product photography involves taking pictures of specific products against a white or neutral background. Normally, each item costs between Rs. 200 and Rs. 500.

2. Product photography that is done in a natural setting or with models is referred to as lifestyle product photography.

2. 360-degree product photography entails using multiple images to produce a 360-degree view of the product. The price range in this case is estimated by seeing the complexity, size and the area to be covered in the 360-degree view.

The cost of e-commerce photography in India can range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000 per product, depending on the difficulty of the shoot and the quantity of photos needed. Yet, the cost of some goods, such as jewellery, apparel, and electronics, can be higher. Some photographers might also provide package deals, where the cost of each item drops as the quantity of items rises. Extra services like post-processing and retouching may be extra for some photographers. Before making a decision, it is advised to get estimates from several photographers to evaluate prices and services.

Ecommerce Photography India

product photography in mumbai

At Ecommerce Photography India, we provide our clients with the option to have their products have the look that perfectly suits their style of business, so we have developed various colour backgrounds that fit your brand and set your photos apart from those of your rivals with their own distinctive styles. We offer ecommerce photography services in Mumbai and throughout India. Nothing sells as well as a product image, let's face it.

We are experienced professionals who have worked as both Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra product photographers and e-commerce model photographers in Mumbai. In Mumbai, we have a modern well-equipped Ecommerce photography studio. Our images and films are edited in a special post-production area.

If you're looking for quality e-commerce photography service provider for a pocket-friendly budget, Ecommerce Photography India offers some of the top services in India for e-commerce product photography. For your many forms of e-commerce portals, online e-commerce websites, offline ads, brochures, catalogues, presentations, photo galleries, etc., we also provide retouching, colour correction, and image and video enhancement services. Please feel free to contact us for any further details and you can go through our website for reference.