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In this highly competitive world just creating a simple CV/Resume is not enough to get shortlisted for an interview. Remember that a CV is your presence in your absentia. So to have a good impact through your CV, you need to be a little bit creative and the best way is Video Resume!

What is a Video resume?

Video resume is becoming one of the important tools in jobseekers tool box. It is a brief description of job applicant’s qualification, skills, experience and interest to the employer in video form of maximum length of one minute instead of a traditional paper resume.

When is video resume using a good idea?

Elizabeth Bacchus, a career coach and founder of ‘The Successful CV Company’, say that whenever you have to demonstrate your presentation and interpersonal skills, using a video resume is the best way. Thus whenever you want to have a good impact on the prospective employer you can go for video resume.

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Important tips to create video resume

  • Creating a video resume just because you know is a bad idea. Create it because it is relevant for the job you want to do. Make it look appropriate to the job for which you applied.
  • The main purpose of creating a video resume is to provide the prospective employer a more detailed insight of you. So don’t just read loud your resume. It can create a bad impression. Instead you can convey the employer that how you are fit for the job and what is your potential to take the company to next level.
  • As traditional resume, video resume must also be short. The maximum length of your video resume must not extend then one minute.
  • Make your resume to look spectacular by introducing creativity for the concept you are pitching for. Be creative but stick to professionalism.

Getting all the things right in first move might not be possible. Take these points into consideration and start creating your video resume today.

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