Corporate Video Production –The Master Guide

You must have heard that videos for your brand or company is the in thing nowadays. With digital mediums like YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram, distribution of your corporate videos have become quite easy. And with video consumption rising at a fast pace, this could be the right time to get your company video made. But there could be so many questions – How to get it made? How much will it cost? What are things to take care of in the corporate video?

So, in order to make life a bit more simple for your, we at The Jigsaw (with over one decades experience in corporate video production), have decided to make a detailed corporate video production guide for your, which will answer all your questions. 

What are Corporate Videos?

To put it in short words corporate video production involves telling a compelling story in a concise way. Corporate video’s content is targeted towards the company’s core selling demographics or demographics.

Corporate video is an umbrella term given or defined for all video communications used for internal or external corporate audience. The targeted audience forms the factor which distinguishes corporate videos from traditional video advertisements.

These videos are focused towards particular section of the audience rather than the general public.

The various applications include- employee training videos, presenting financial results to the stakeholders, promotional videos for a new product line or service.

“When I get older, I will be stronger… They call me freedom just like a Wavin flag “

You must have all heard this song didn’t you? But did you know the company for which this song was made as a celebration video during FIFA 2010 time? Coca-Cola. Shocked right, it was such a missive hit this song that if you murmur its lyrics, you would be starting a chain reaction among people singing it along you. Coca-Cola scored a Global Hit with this campaign video of theirs. It became a number one hit song in China, Germany and Mexico.

Let’s get ready with our own Wavin Flag. Now with this little injection of motivation let’s find out the various options available to you in Corporate Videos.

*The next step*….

Types of Corporate Videos

Industrial Videos

The Ferrari factory -production process

These videos would typically be aimed at audience within a specific industry. These are basically sponsored films which prioritize pragmatism over artistic effects. It gives information to people about how the industry goes about more than the typical way of learning. Like in the above video the Italian super giants, Ferrari aims at making one aware of its production setups/process.

Company Profile Videos

Microsoft Corporate Video

These videos provide a short synopsis about who your brand is and what it has to offer to its customers and employees. The above video shows or gives to its viewers a rough or approximated view of how Microsoft looks or goes about things.

Promotional Videos

MIT Campaign for a Better World

The primary motive behind these videos is to improve the brand recognition. These video are more towards entertaining sector but carry along the brand logo in it. These can be used or utilized in television advertisements or on online video platforms.

Employee Training Videos

Restaurant Training Video

The best way to use most of the time and to spread awareness among the staff about the brand or any work related is through these. Training videos are these days readily used and are pretty effective and efficient too. The above video talks or trains about how to effectively work in a restaurant.

Customer’s Testimonial

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

A testimonial video is a great way to connect with potential consumers. Using the same way as shown in the above video where the known YouTuber, Marques Brownlee talks about-why he likes the phone, how he felt on using and various other points. Thus, by featuring a user of your product giving his/her testimony on it will help gain the trust of the customers.

You seem to be walking towards the right path now.Congrats! Now let us get a reason/source for motivation to run. Below given are the benefits of using Corporate Videos.

Benefits of Corporate Videos

  • Marketing is FUN

Videos help remind people that your company works with a crew which has a similar mindset. Through animations you aim at visually showcasing your business. It doesn’t need to be a high-end video because you are not working on a movie but rather on a much simpler concept. In fact, corporate videos for websites work the best when they focus more on product uses and industry trends than sales or hype. 

  • Search Engines Favor Videos

It is much more difficult to be in teacher’s good books than being in the high rankings in search engines.*smiles* To get a higher rank and be in the top searches you just need to maintain a clean cut documented video strategy. Having the solution to all the problems put forward by internet, surfers also helps you reach the top ranks. Easy isn’t it? See I told you. But always keep your content in perfect shape and in accordance to your audiences needs.


Even if your business is a small one, by cornering a niche on YouTube would help built a strong/loyal online following.

  • Traffic Magnet

It is a sure surveyed fact that videos account for two-thirds of all internet traffic. Thus, when you have this magical magnet with you, why not put it in use?

Those unaware of this fact are losing out a TON of potential client traffic with each tick of the clock. The traffic and sales show a direct relation. It’s worth the investment.

Traffic Magnet
  • Helps you be the audience’s favorite (with better SEO Ranking)

Utilizing corporate video production means you show up in search engines more than other companies do. With the introduction of “Universal Search” in 2007, meant videos being ranked in search results and people no longer need to dig in to find the video pertaining to their request.

Thus, including videos in official sites of bushiness and also coming up with new one would help you remain the people favorite. 

  • Catering to the Mobile World

The numbers of video streams on mobiles continue to sky rocket, even while we read this article someone or the other would be watching videos on their mobile phones. Few years ago it even showed an annual increase of 400%.

With the increasing number of mobile phone purchases the frequency of videos being watched regularly also increase. So why start a new trend? Let’s compliment the present and get the best out of it.

  • Better engagement of visitors

Audience these days are very choosy, they don’t want to lose their time going through multiple website to get information. When a viewer visits your website and finds videos, it adds an element of excitement and also acts as an excellent way of communicating with them.

People find videos more engaging than going through data written as it requires lesser efforts. The information reaching the audience involving both, sense of hearing and vision is much more effective and eye catchy.

  • Helps Build Trust

Trust forms the foundation of customer conversion and sale, thus trust shall always remain the primary motive through all the marketing efforts.

Videos help you connect with the audience emotionally. With the progressing technology the only thing that has remained constant is the people’s emotions.

Videos help in creating this possible trust with your audience. This is the very reason why brands send their products to actors or YouTubers with million followers, because when they talk or flaunt about the products they use, the audience is already bought in.

Was this motivating enough in helping you run? I hope it was. While running you didn’t realize but we have reached a bank. So now it’s time for you to invest.

What shall be your Budget and How to decide it?

The budget you are looking for is intrinsically linked to your KPI.So one needs to work out on the Return on Investment (ROI) assuming the KPIs were met. Always have a pre calculated amount ready of how to increase your customer sales. Also, keep the following points ready:

  • Calculate the total number of new customers to add every year for a successful earning.
  • Work out the lifetime value of each customer.
  • Estimate the ROI by multiplying the answer from above steps.

Not only this allows you to calculate a realistic budget, but it will also help prioritize work and demonstrate the importance of the video to stakeholders.

3 Things to consider for your next corporate video

  • Always have transparency about your budget

Always prefer being up front with your budget. Vulnerability to dodgy operators taking advantage cannot be avoided. Thus, always prefer working or learning from a corporate video production agency you trust. You can use search engines like Google to find the agency and read their reviews to get an idea on the kind of work that the video production company does. Temper your expectations according to your budget. Realise that on a shoe string budget you cannot really get a world class output. Ask the agency to send their work links along with the budgets. This will give you an idea on the cost and the associated benchmark.

  • Maximize your Value 

Each one of us wants to be at our very best. That’s the reason why people keep encouraging their clients to more efficiently use their budget. For example, plan to capture enough through television commercials, a two minute corporate video, one minute cut down for your website followed by 30 sec spots for social media. It’s much easier to film all in one go and also leads to capitalization of cost efficiency.

  • Knowledge of the Market

An undefeated player is the one who knows all the tricks involved in a game. Similar to this, an effective corporate video producer in order to excel in his work needs to have a good marketing brain. Spending money on videos to land up with the best, fanciest and a feast to the eyes might cost you high but remember it is worth an investment. It might seem to you as a loss at present but its later returns will be great if your video is worth its cost or good enough according to you. As once you are satisfied with your work, only then can we expect others to be.

The fluctuations in the market are a sure thing but try maintaining your influence on the crowd with the content. A good marketing script writer will be able to put your message across in a clear and concise way that uses psychology to encourage the viewers to do what the writer wants, whether that is to listen, buy or contact.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Video Production

One question usually asked by the client – the various factors involved in the cost of production of video from scratch whilst some wonder how the cost is allocated. This question though might sound a pretty simple one but it helps one get a better idea of what is involved in the process.

There are many factors which affect the video production’s cost but as long as you pool in with a reputable company to shoot your video you needn’t work about it much. This company collaboration will help you ease your places of investment. There are also many options to get the most of the cost but it depends on the feature you rank as the most important. Some of the important factors are given below for your convenience:

  • Experience of the Video Producing Company

Working with a company with more experience is always beneficial in the long run. An experienced company acts as Guru Dronacharya for you (Arjun). It enables one to make use of the experience gained by the other as an advantage and also the best way possibility is shown to him and explained in a much more effective and easy way. Without the skills to shoot perfectly, you would spend ample time on editing, dubbing and tweaking when you could have got it in the first go. A good shoot enables maintaining a good quality and also helps save time. 

A good production company instructing you would also help in the video incorporation of motion graphics and thereby seamlessly adding to the overall quality of the content.

  • Editing 

The Chanankya’s behind the shoots. The editor or editing crew is the one who takes the best dialogue, the best angles and shots into free flowing videos enjoyed by all. Without the editors your work would appear just as basic as a calculator showing 1+1=2.It is the editing skills which separate your content from others. The final outcome is passed by these editing teams only. No one is ever giving you the credit for the hardships you had while coming up with the videos until your videos speak for themselves.

 No matter how great the cameraman is, an editor is always needed as these magicians astounding work can turn a “hum drum reel” into a crowd pleasing triumph.

  •  Equipment 

The backbone to any video production. And as they say the stronger your backbone is the stronger you are. Using the same fact, the quality of content or video differs with each piece of equipment. The choice of equipment can make a difference to the overall cost, as a DSLR is way expensive than a normal camera (example).In short, the costs all depends on your idea of the finished results and what equipment you would require to get there. Some of the equipments required are: High quality Camera, Tripod, lens, etc.

  •  Cost of casting 

If your videos requires a “Face” to it or any “talent” e.g. an actor, presenter or a voice over artist for narration, it will also influence the cost.

This process of short listing the FACE should be done in pre-production time so that the right people are available for the shoot dates.

Casting involves putting out a casting call for attracting people to act as your talent in videos.

Choosing the right cast always plays a vital role while setting for the corporate videos.



Elements or Features to look out for in your videos

#1) Being open about who you are

Let yourself be an open book in front of your viewers as until they get the feel of friendliness from you, your videos won’t gain popularity. Show them who you are. What you stand for? Your values. What do you look for in new team members? What kind of people will feel happy working for you? Answering these small questions through your video would make a huge difference. Ask them their favourite drink and also serve them yours. Know them and let them know you.

Pretending to be something or someone else would only make you attract the wrong people.

#2) Put forward a story

It is a pretty nebulous term- Company Culture. Instead of putting it all about the company in one video, pick a specific angle.

Try telling a story through the eyes of the CEO, Customer Service Associate or the intern. You can put it forward through the very experience of the first hire or the last person leaving the door. Make the story part of your shared legacy.

Just like in the below given video, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba company tries to put forward what others should expects from his company and how he sees it.

#3) Try keeping it original

Many small businesses avoid coming up with a new company video because of worries over cost. No one can make your video easily or much more effectively than you. Keeping the video original and to the point adds to its expertise.

#4) Have a Purpose

Until the right path is set in front you would never be able to excel in life. Having clarity in the purpose of your Corporate Video would help it stand distinguished from others.

Some videos are created with the intention of attracting or gaining new customers while others are aimed at recruiting new employees. Some are used to sell a product or service while others are more of generic and simply want to spread the brands awareness amongst a targeted audience. Thinking about the purpose behind your video would help develop a plan.

 In addition, make sure you define your audience and whittle it down to specific group of people only.It is very unrealistic to make your business appear to everyone.Tailor your video to match your defined audience and always try speaking directly to them. 


#4) Appeals to Emotions

This concept is mentioned several times and honestly, should be reiterated time and again because it is crucial in producing a good video of any kind.

Almost all purchases (and other decisions as well) are decisively emotionally based with small help of rational thinking. Most corporate videos involve reciting facts, figures, features, and benefits. While these might be good information wise but most likely general viewer will turn away from something so analytical and boring. 

If you really aim at reaching anyone be it a potential customer, new recruit or even staff employee try connecting with them through your video emotionally. This will help in grabbing their attention and keep them stuck around you until the end.

Here comes the last stop, after which you are ready. SIR!

Having a role model to follow or someone to learn from always had its pros. While the word “corporate video” doesn’t usually stoke the flames of excitement, find below a few companies that got it right. Here are six corporate videos that had the audience carried or had break the mold.

Now, here are the

Top 8 World’s best Corporate Video examples and what makes them great

Red Bull Racing

A great way to encourage customer buy-in is to give them exclusive access to the Business’s inner sanctums. Red Bull Racing did just that: Through this fascinating walking tour of their Milton Keynes race factory. Presented by their charismatic principal, Christian Horner. This video presents you a rare, behind-the-scenes look at what makes a Formula One team tick.

Horner takes us on this magical mystery tour with pit stops at F1 design legend Adrian Newey’s two offices (the second being the executive toilet if his witty repartee is to be believed!); the hall of fame trophy reception area,the team gym and the state-of-the-art machine shop,etc.

Through this exclusive video the viewers get a real sense of the ‘work hard, play hard’ environment that prevails. If your aim is to humanize your business, then following Red Bull Racing’s lead could be your best call.


Nike had always used a competitive approach to attract its audience be it through advertisements showing Lionel Messi playing around wearing their shoes or the quality of balls used in events like FIFA or football leagues. Similarly, through the corporate video give above they use the view of their employee to influence the audience. Each employee , speaking out as to why he/she finds Nike to be the best to work at. The background music also is very fast-paced, modern and matches the pace of the video. The employees presenting their views about the company make the video feel more trust worthy and effective.

They JUST DID IT (“Just Do It – company logo”) with this video of theirs. 


Never the one to shy away from a promotional corporate video, Twitter has been bossing the corporate video genre for years. As much expected from a marketing tech firm, they’ve got a real knack for selling their product in a fun and engaging way. Through this video-” Introduction to Twitter Marketing and Advertising Certification | Simplilearn”, made by their Marketing department they aim at making the people aware of the ways the marketing certification goes about.

Here yet again with just a 1.5 minutes long video they answered- the  required content pretty effectively.

Conveying the keywords or points through limited time is of the essence here.


This Multinational tech, Microsoft through its 65-second animated video on hybrid cloud infrastructure shows how skilled the company is not just in coming up with PCs but with its communication with the audience too.

With a simple combination of a concise and straightforward script and 2D animation, it proves how even globally renowned organizations benefit from a simple down to earth corporate video.

Using this video they put forward a complex problem and a much simpler solution to it. Not just the speech was easy to understand, but the calming and friendly tone of voice helps make one feel at home.

The morale of the video being – never underestimate the importance of script and voice-overs of your corporate video.

Google Intern’s First week

Who doesn’t want to work for Google? It’s a dream company for all to work in. Ever wondered how it’s on the list of ambitions for almost all tech and non-tech graduates. Well this video shall answer you that. The

Video starts with showing how fun it is working at Google. Showcasing fun places and technologies available for its employee and later taking you to the life of its interns. I mean the person behind this, is a Video brainer. I mean who would have ever imagined work would be so much fun.

Unsung Hero

Now many of you might have seen this already but not know it by its name. Its- Unsung Hero, a corporate video from Thai Life Insurance. This video speaks directly to its viewers emotions. It associates the brand with hope, kindness and social responsibility.

The video is a short film in style. It is pretty pleasant to watch and also inspirational, probably being the reason behind its high viewers counts.


The video titled- Spotify – ‘Let the Song Play’ (Extended Version).The music giant, Spotify comes up with the most relatable videos of all times. Utilizing the situation where each one of us has gone through, i.e. a car-song moment, where we forget about what’s around and just get mesmerized by the quality of music. They just hit the bull’s eye with this music- centered video and were successful in diverting everyone’s music destination to SPOTIFY. 

Vistaprint Work Environment

This is WHAT employee (WE) DO FOR FUN. This video makes one definitely feel comfortable working at Vistaprint. With reviews from employee living around the globe they help their viewers find there connect.

Yet again humanizing the company and making one feel motivated to work for it. Seeing the people within, having fun after work time makes one really want to work hard and efficiently, as the more efficiently one uses his/her time the more time he can have fun around.

Vistaprint being very open and honest about whom they are and what’s important to them. They showcase to their audience that their company has a social, collaborative culture that values teamwork and community, and embraces the “work hard, play hard” mentality.

So in a nutshell this is how you can go about planning your next corporate video production. If you need any other details, please fell free to call us on our above mentioned numbers.