Top 10 Websites For Uploading Free Video Content

The age of the internet has revolutionized sharing of information for us. Streaming videos has gotten more seamless than ever. We use these videos not only for entertainment but also for other purposes of gaining information in the form of documentaries and tutorials. We have also started turning our laptops and smartphones into televisions as we stream movies, sports, and series on them. This demand has also increased the number of creators online. Video creation and sharing have become easier. All these makers want their work to reach out to as many people as possible. the videos uploaded on social media must go viral and the each must be boosted. The video uploading websites can make this happen. Even all social networking websites like Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn have a facility to share links from these platforms.

Whatever may be your purpose to upload your content there are various platforms. You can make tutorials about your field of expertise, make a travelogue of even boost the sales of your product online, there are platforms for everyone.

Here is a list of top 10 most famous websites for free and easy video sharing:

  • YouTube

One of the most important features of YouTube is its huge audience base. You can easily put up your work on Youtube reach a lot of people. This comes from the magnanimous user base that it has to offer.

2) Flickr

Flickr is actually famous for the photos that are put up there and that’s how a majority of people end up on their websites. However, this crowd can be used for sharing your videos too as Flickr has the provision to do so.

3) DailyMotion

The variety of content that can be put up on this platform is huge. You can have all genres of work go up here and get a good audience. The audience will get their feed by searching for tags, categories, channels, etc.

4) Break

As the name suggests, the content on Break is curated for when you want to take a break from your work. One can find loads of funny videos here. You can also start making money by putting up quality content.

5) Metacafe

Metacafe has a great network with big houses that air videos on sports, music and other forms of entertainment. The website is known to work with quality brands and for streaming quality content.

6) Vimeo

The quality of the videos here is a lot more professional as compared to other platforms like YouTube. The creators here are known to be more artistic and professional. If you aspire to be one of them, getting your work up here would do a great deal for you.

7) ShowMeDo

This is a free platform to upload videos that are basically tutorials for open-source technologies like various programming languages and designing tools and for understanding their interfaces. For an expert who is looking to gain an online student base, this platform provides a great opportunity.

8) MySpace

MySpace is a fantastic platform to build your own profile and share it. This profile can showcase your talents through a variety of options like photos, videos, and pieces of music. This can be a great opportunity for potential artists to gain recognition.

9) Phanfare

Having your URL to share your work can prove to be impressive. Phanfare allows you to make your own online destination URL. You can have all your photos and videos stored here. This can be shared with the community you want to share it with.

10) Veoh

Veoh has no constraints when it comes to the format in which you upload your content. You can also network with others, rate and comment on their videos. Veoh also allows you to embed your work in your blog or your website