Best Product Videography Tips

What is Product Videography?

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Product videography refers to the procedure that goes into making a product video which effectively exemplifies the advantages of using a product. The product explainer video has a huge impact on forming a customer base and boosting sales. These videos are supposed to answer the inquired questions raised by the viewers and help them to have a better understanding of the product.

While some videos can concentrate on the features, certain explainer videos can put forward the main characteristics that the audience needs to know. These videos increase the rates of conversion by portraying the products used in the real world and their functions. With the utilization of narration and symbolic speech, a product video can make a better lingering opinion in the customer’s mind, taking off the product’s features to be undergone rather than illustrated.

 Studies of neuroscience imply that there must be a valid explanation for the wide use of product videos to impact the marketing of a branded product. The ongoing popularity of Internet clips can lead your business into having great product launches. The audience will be more satisfied to watch a product video than just read the product description as there are clarifications made through visual graphics and incredible audio.

Therefore, the utilization of product videos is beneficial as it lets the company form a greater impact on people’s mindset about the launching product. For instance, one of the leading software companies, Microsoft releases product videos to announce their arrival in the market. The products can vary from document Management services to CRM platforms. These videos productively describe the new features to the consumers in a manner that can rapidly make them understand the product and give them the reason to purchase it or become interested in what it has to offer.

Why is Product Videography Required?

Product videography is important because these videos allow the viewer to get a better understanding of the product. Several brands use this video marketing tactic to minimize the concerns about the product in a customer’s mind. Let’s get through the advantages that can come from utilizing product videography.

  1. Conversion rate

Studies show that more than 90% of the audience viewing a product are heavily influenced by product videos based on its visuals and sounds, and more than 60% of the customers are likely to purchase the product after viewing the video thoroughly. The sole reason for this is that the video shows the audience the use of the product in the real world and how it can affect a person’s daily lifestyle. This helps to remove all the uncertainties that viewers can have about the product.

  1. Engaging viewers

One of the most vital advantages of product videos is that they create more viewer’s concentration. In the product videos, every detail is described thoroughly which makes the audience interested to see the whole description of the product. Apart from the visual engagement, the comments left by other viewers can also influence the purchasing decision of the potential customer. Also, users are compelled to show more interest in videos than texts or pictures. Therefore, product videos can grab the full attention of the viewers. 

  1. Building trust

Often with E-Commerce stores, customer’s always doubtful about the quality of the goods. Purchase Decision of a customer online stores and highly influenced by the videos that are featured. Once Customers can grab hold of the realistic features of the product through the video they can trust the business and consider making a second purchase as well. Needless to say that whatever the brand shows in the video should be similar to what is being delivered.

Tips On Making Product Videos

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  1. Provide context

Just showing the product in the video is not going to help in advertising the product. You have to let people know how the product will fit into their daily use and the real world in general. You have to answer certain questions like what problems can the product solve, how it can benefit the customer, how does it help the customer to accomplish the said objective or how does it satisfy the expectations of customers.

  1. Show off your product

You have to make sure that every time you describe a specific detail about the product, the product should be under the spotlight. Whatever you say should be about the product or related to the product at the least. In order to do this, put a demo video and explainer video and tutorial video.

  1. Choose your target audience

Before planning the other technical references of the product, an individual has to be aware of whom the product is being made. The product could be useful for kids or adults, or people with some kind of disabilities and many things of that sort. You need to be careful about what you show in the video. If it becomes misleading, the audience would not anticipate it at all.

  1. Customization is the key

Product videos create an impression of the brand on the potential customers. This means the quality and appearance of the video can not be lacking in any place. The visual appearance of the product video matters a lot. The viewers might not be satisfied with the product and the brand if the video is too complicated or isn’t of satisfactory quality. The product video should highlight the product in a way that satisfies the view from both the quality aspects and description aspect. To do this you have to customise your video with effects and editing. Whether it is the text that pops on the screen or the effects that are combined, you need to make it look like a straight cut product promoting video. 

  1. Include CTA

Once everything about the video is ready and perfect to be released make sure that the description includes the website or place for purchase. Potential customers are likely to purchase the product if they have followed the video thoroughly. Include links and emails that can direct the customer to the website they can purchase the product from.

What is the cost of video production? 

  1. The price for professional video production is Rs. 18000 per minute.

Videos of this quality are made with DIY tools with minimal animation techniques and pre-defined characters.

  1. Price for good quality – semi-customized animation is Rs. 40,000 per minute.

Videos of this quality will include some customized animation.

  1. The price for High-quality fully customized animation is Rs 40,000 per minute.

Videos under this category are completely customized and also include advanced animation techniques.

  1. The price for product videos which include graphics plus stock footage is rupees 45000 per minute.

If a client does not want an animation in his video for explaining the products of solutions, then this alternative can be used. This type of video content uses live shot stock footage also you can add static graphics to explain your offerings through the video.

  1. The price for 3D animation videos is 1050 per second. When your product needs demonstration for when you are providing training to the video, 3D animation comes to your rescue. Apart from product demonstration for training 3D animation is also the top toy for the real estate sector, clinical demonstration or medical videos.
  2. The price for app demo videos is 18000 rupees for a minute.

app demo videos are the best choice when you want to showcase the working of your app. It can be an instructional video that will guide the viewers on how to use the app, the features that the app provides and also to show the uses of the application.

  1. The price for event invite videos is 15000 rupees.

When you are looking for a video to introduce your company or invite your view to some event, then these videos are the best option.

These videos are cost-effective and never fail to leave an impression on the viewers.

  1. Price for software products starts from rupees 1200. These videos are a great choice when you are presenting the working of a web application or mobile application.
  2. The price for the book trailer video starts from rupees 18000. Book trailer videos are extremely helpful to create a  buzz around people before the launch of your new book. These videos are very effective to present the summary of your book using the images and the stocks.
  3. The price for presentation videos starts from rupees 10000. Presentation videos are mostly simple corporate videos which are a better option compared to a PowerPoint presentation.

What are the product videography companies in Mumbai?

Corporate films Mumbai

Corporate films Mumbai a video production company based in Mumbai helps a client with creating 2D animation videos which will increase the sentiment of fulfillment with the animation videos. Corporate films Mumbai helps the companies in using innovative concepts for the benefit of the organization. Corporate films Mumbai offer services like testimonial videos,  sales videos, product videos, 2D animations, promo films, business videos, product demo videos, explainer videos, motivational videos, whiteboard animation and training videos.

Reverse Thought

Reverse thought a video production company best in Mumbai has helped a lot of companies with their amazing creative videos. The company uses exceptionally talented and imaginative individuals to meet up and bundle your animation video. Reverse Thoughts offer services like motion graphics video, e-learning videos, explainer videos, promo films, training videos and client testimonial videos. Reverse thoughts properly know about your product and prepare the video according to the script planned out by them and produce an amazing 2D animation video for your company.

Brand animators

Brand animators a video production company situated in Mumbai famous for giving their projects an imaginative and clever take to your videos. A group of creative people like authors and artists and creators that for the most part create product explainers and product videos for IT business organisations. They offer services like 2D animation, whiteboard animation, sales videos, product videos, advertising videos, induction training videos and advertisement films. The video creation procedure of this company goes very smoothly and also saves time.


Carbon blank array group of innovative creative and showcasing people who are always ready to help you with making an amazing result arranged corporate video for your company. They are situated in Mumbai and have enormous experience in this field. They offer services like client testimonial videos, 2D animations, sales videos, advertising videos, emotional videos, white-board animation and advertising films. They create your business ideas into innovative and interesting animated videos.

Village Talkies

Village talkies, a video production company situated in Mumbai offers explainer videos, product training videos, medical animation, promo films, product demo videos as well as motivational videos. The main goal of Village Talkies is to enable their customers to develop their companies. That is why this video production company also offers an incorporated video animation promoting system. 

Villages Talkies have created amazing animation videos for different companies across the globe.

Video Explainer Mumbai

Video explainer Mumbai is a video production company based in Mumbai. It helps its clients to tell their stories to their customers through various animation video distributing channels. The video production company creates innovative explainer video content for their clients which results in being extremely beneficial for their business. They offer video making services to the customers at moderate costs. The company offers services like explainer videos, product training videos, business videos, promo films, motivational videos, induction training videos, ad films, e-Learning videos, product videos and motion graphics. The company also offers 60% of the captivating traffic to your company website distributions an animation video, this is because Google’s calculation always favours the animated videos.

Showtime Productions

Showtime productions is a video production studio in Mumbai. Productions is a one-stop studio that does work starting from conceptualizing to reviewing a sound plan, alpha to Omega and everything else. Showtime productions are one of the best video production companies in Mumbai which makes videos according to the needs of the customers.

The video production company is energetic, grounded and proactive to give their clients the ideal outcome that they deserve according to their business requirements and the connections that they create with their clients throughout the procedure. The video production company offers clients explainer videos, infographics, corporate videos, 2D videos, testimonial videos, training videos, as well as research and pitch videos. Showtime productions love what they do and they always try to ensure that their customers get the best results possible by trusting them with their product videos.