15 Industrial Corporate Videos

15 Industrial Corporate Videos

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If you’re trying to promote your business, perhaps to build and raise brand awareness or explain how a new product works, a corporate video can be the ideal medium. Corporate videos are so powerful that businesses using them can grow their revenue 49% faster year on year than organisations that don’t.

What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate Video is the production of a video by company, corporate or organisation. The main aim of the corporate video is to promote their brand or product.

In an annual survey of the State of Video Marketing 2019, 83% of marketers now say that video gives them a good ROI, up from 78% twelve months ago.

There are also several other types of corporate video that can help you to fulfil distinct objectives. For example, let’s consider that your company has several different regional or global offices. This can make company-wide training sessions costly, ineffective and incapable, which is where a corporate training video can give you the edge. Not only can a video be watched anytime, anywhere, but it can also be viewed any number of times and even include interactive elements for the learner.

To educate your customers about your objectives, products, and brand then an explainer video is an excellent tool. This type of corporate video allows you an accessible medium to explain your complicated products or services that require a little more explanation for your customers to understand. It’s a practical approach, as illustrated by the 95% of survey respondents who told us they’d watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

Here, we have enlisted a few industrial Corporate Videos.

1. Automation – Siemens

2. Technology – Microsoft

3. Automobile – Lohia Auto

4. Manufacturing – IntermasGroup

5. Logistics – GWC Logistics

6. IT Company – Verta Media

7. Food Industry – Nestlé

8. Pharmaceutical – Dr. Reddy

9. Furniture Store – Elevate X

10. Jewellery Production Company – Krastsvetmet

11. Travel & Leisure – Asia Travel & Leisure

12. Fabric Industry – Raymonds

13. Cosmetics – Carron

14. Shoe Industry – Adidas

15. Solar Company – Tata Power Solar


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