Importance of Product Video Production Services

What is Product Video Production?

A product video is a video that showcases and demonstrates the features of your product. Product videos not only let entrepreneurs simply demonstrate what a product can do, but they are also the preferred way for potential buyers to learn more about your product, particularly if they can’t see it in person. Consumers have been shown to engage more with video material, and product videos, in particular, have been shown to help consumers better understand items, build brand confidence, and raise sales conversion rates.

A product video production involves three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Why is product video production needed?

  • As we all know, in today’s world, a graphic has a greater impact on our minds than any theory, and the same is true in marketing. When a product is first launched, several tactics are used to make it popular and explain how to utilize it and other key features. These steps are made not only to familiarize people with the product demo video but also to convey other safety precautions to avoid a tragedy. It is frequently observed that customers do not fully comprehend how to use a product, so providing a video editing explanation is preferable.
  • People nowadays are more likely to buy a product they are satisfied with, and that satisfaction comes only when all of the specifics are completely exposed. For example, if we want to buy some clothing through online shopping, we are unsure if we should buy it or not based on the picture alone. However, if the goods come with a video, we will have more information on the purchase. As a result, whenever a firm releases a new product video, they choose to use video production services to make it more appealing.

Just to be clear, product video differ significantly from brand videos that we watch on television. Because many brand videos focus on the brand’s fame and popularity rather than the product’s utility. Just as if dairy milk offers a new flavor to their chocolate for the sole purpose of brand promotion. However, a product video creation will be considered if a freshly invented product is shown in action, regardless of whether it is a well-known brand or a newcomer.

The product demo video focuses on the customer’s demands and how it may solve their problems and assist them to the greatest extent possible. It takes a lot of effort to make it as useful as possible for a big client base, such as animation, character engagement, voices, and so on.

These days, more money is spent on product marketing and advertising. This is one of the more spectacular ways of demonstrating the company’s ability to the public so that they can contact them if they are interested. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is not a sales film because it concentrates solely on usage. It never pushes the buyer to buy it but rather encourages them to rent it.

What are the kinds of product videos?

Product demo videos are an effective marketing tool since they explain what you do and how you can benefit clients. They assist in explaining the characteristics and benefits of frequently complex or difficult items.

You may employ a variety of product demo videos, each with its own set of advantages depending on your individual objectives, goals, and target potential customers.

Let’s look at four different styles of product videos.

  1. Demonstration videos

Demonstration movies demonstrate how high-quality video production works by showcasing its features and illustrating how potential consumer customers may use it. Because textual instructions are often insufficient, these are appropriate for novel or difficult-to-explain items. They work because pictures help us learn more quickly as humans.

Take a look at this Oates demo video for their closed-loop system product:

Because it shows rather than tells, this video works wonderfully. Oates can easily demonstrate the advantages of their product, such as how the plug prevents chemicals from spilling out and how simple it is to transfer liquids to other containers and dispensers. They also employ visualizations to summaries critical business benefits such as safety, accuracy, money, services and the environment.

  1. Screen capture videos

Websites, ecommerce businesses, software applications, and web apps benefit most from screen capture movies. Companies who need to illustrate how to accomplish something step by step for product walk-throughs, customer training, tutorials, and/or how-to films frequently employ them.

Consider the following screen grab video from Sonoa Healthcare, which demonstrates how their customized fertility evaluation works:

This screen capture video is useful for Sonoa Healthcare since it demonstrates how to complete the fertility review, which may be a complicated procedure otherwise. Sonoa also utilizes the film to illustrate the advantages of their service, thus it may be used for promotional or marketing purposes.

  1. Animation and cartoon videos

Most items perform nicely with animated videos and cartoon videos. They appeal to me because they allow you to build a memorable character that is closely associated with your product and helps customers identify you from your rivals. These movies can also be utilized if you don’t have a tangible product, such as if you merely have a prototype or provide a service rather than a product.

Consider the following animated movie from Teba, an IT firm:

This sort of animated videos are effective because it tackles some of the issues that consumers experience while also including humor to keep viewers interested. Teba is a player in the crowded virtual desktop sector. Teba has utilized animated video to set themselves apart from the competition, demonstrate how they are unique, and present their product as a solution to their consumers’ concerns.

  1. 3D videos

Because 3D movies provide you more freedom in expressing product features, they are more interesting than standard videos. Because they avoid the video production expenses and delays associated with traditional product video, these sorts of movies are unexpectedly less expensive than traditional videos. 3D video are a wonderful alternative if you don’t have a real product benefits or wish to avoid the ecommerce product video production company and onscreen talent.

Consider the following 3D video for the product Grease Gun:

The Grease Gun benefits from this ecommerce video production since it allows the manufacturer to properly describe how their product works. The 3D animation focuses on various aspects of the device that demonstrate why it is superior than the classic grease trigger pistol method. With regular footage, this degree of detail would have been impossible to achieve.

How much does product video production cost?

Here are some statistics to use as a starting point for budgeting. A properly produced 2- to 3-minute product video generally costs 80,000 INR to 5.5 lakh INR depending upon various factors. The typical cost of video production is usually approximately 80,000 to $5,000 per finished minute, according to most production firms, and we think that this is a fair starting point to consider when budgeting.

Be open and honest about your budget while working with a production firm. “Here’s my budget, here are my objectives, what can you do for me?” is how our finest video production projects begin.

The production business will have to guess at a budget if you don’t start with one. Working with a video production business that provides you a single pricing for a film or series of videos without explaining what goes into that price point should be avoided.

Video Production Price List

  • Here’s a rundown of everything we spoke about in this post:
  • 2000 INR to 20,000 INR per hour for project management and coordination
  • Script development costs between 4000 INR and 30,ooo INR per hour.
  • 5000 INR to 50,00 INR per hour for on-screen or voice-over talent
  • Supplementary visuals cost 15% to 50% of the entire video production costs.
  • 7000 INR to 20,000 INR per hour for special effects
  • Location fees range from 10000 INR to 30,000 INR per hour.
  • 1500 INR to 8,000 INR or more for music
  • Crew for video production: 150 INR to 12,000 INR per hour per person
  • 1500 INR to 8000 INR per hour for video rendering
  • Costs of overhead: 50,000 INR to 2,00,000 INR per day.

10 top product video production companies in Mumbai

Mumbai and video production are inextricably linked. For obvious reasons, the city boasts the highest concentration of video content creators in India.

It’s not simple to pick a reputable service provider from such a large pool.

So we’ve attempted to make it as simple as possible to find notable video content production firms in Mumbai to keep an eye on in 2022.

The Jigsaw (Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, India) 

Jigsaw has arrived in Mumbai (Navi Mumbai). It is a prominent production animation studio in Mumbai. It was developed by a group of video creators with the purpose of best showcasing the animators’ work.

Tata, AIG, Nokia, SBI, Gujarat Gas, and Vodafone are just a few of the well-known organisations with which they’ve collaborated.

Website: The Jigsaw | Mumbai’s Best 3D Animation Studio

Video Explainer Mumbai

In Aamchi, Mumbai, India’s business hub, Video Explainer is a corporate video producing company. We work with our company clients and customers to help them get the most out of digital multimedia marketing. Our Mumbai explainer films help our clients promote their business, brand, service, product, or events in a fresh and very successful way. Every business video demand may be met with our diversified video production services.

Video Explainer Navi city offers video business, digital production, corporate filmmaking, social networking, and selling solutions in addition to being one of the most effective 3D Animation studios in Navi city.

We use cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge equipment, and cutting-edge software as one of Mumbai’s top animation firms to guarantee that your explainer videos are presented in the best possible light.

A group of specialists from the video production industry created the company.

It has been utilized by SBI Video Explainer, Gophers, BlackBerry, Canon, Obesity, Web Cure, and many more prominent companies.

Website: Mumbai, Navi Mumbai- 2021 Video Explainer Companies (

8th Wonder Productions

8th Wonder Productions is a Mumbai-based video production company. They provide pre-production, production, and post-production services, including budgeting and scheduling, location, equipment, and set design. They have extensive video production expertise, having produced several documentaries and television programmed.

Frames In Action

Frames in Action is a Mumbai-based corporate video production firm.

They also produce online videos, animation videos, documentaries, feature films, HR videos, perfect product video and non-profit movies in addition to business videos.

They’ve collaborated with a number of notable companies, including Voot, Grant Thornton, Somotex, Sara, Viacom 18, Hartek, and others.

ARK Visions

ARK Visions is one of Mumbai’s leading video production businesses.

They mostly produce commercials, online series, corporate videos, trade show films, and documentaries. They’ve collaborated with a number of well-known firms, including Sony, Shalimar, Wipro, Castrol, and Toyota.

They handle the whole video production process, from storyboarding to delivery.


Kasmoflow is a Mumbai-based advertising film firm.

They make TV commercials, corporate videos, 3D/2D animation, radio spots/ads, corporate anthems, digital video content, music videos, viral videos, and other types of videos. They have a staff of competent video creators with extensive video production expertise.

Cinefox Studios

Mumbai-based Cinefox Studious produces explanatory videos.

Marketing films, animation videos, cinematography, portfolio shoot, and YouTube videos are some of the services provided by the organization.

Everything is handled by them, from screenplay to filming to editing and animation.

They have garnered several accolades in the video business as a result of their dedication.

Rolling Can Productions

Rolling Can Productions is one of Mumbai’s best ad production companies.

Through their artistic abilities, Rolling Can Productions can develop a distinctive video for your company. They specialize in television advertisements, digital content, print creation, and corporate films, among other things.

Quidich Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd

Quidich is a Mumbai-based video production company. JIo, TATA, Nexa, RedBull, Viacom 18, BBC, and many others are among their numerous large clientele.

They specialize in aerial video and shooting for sports broadcast, asset assessment, and other applications.

Syncline Films Pvt. Ltd.

Syncline Films is a Mumbai-based video production firm.

They have more than 13 years of video producing expertise and have produced over 150 projects.

Reliance Power, SKF, IKEA, WebsEdge, and others are among their primary clientele. They provide corporate video production as well as post-production services.