Shoot Cinematic Scenes With DRONE

White Phantom 4 Drone Water Technology Aircraft
White Phantom 4 Drone Water Technology Aircraft

Drone is the new flying camera device that is used to shot pictures and videos. Videography has evolved a lot over the period of time and so has its equipment’s. Getting a perfect cinematic drone shot is not an easy task as your camera is up above in the sky flying high. To get the best shot you need to know the practice of when, where and how of flying the drone. With few tricks mentioned below you can call yourself as the best cinematographer.

  • The classic aerial shot

As a cinematographer you should know and master the five basic classic aerial shots. Click on the link below and learn from the professionals the skillful flying and filming. .

  • Don’t shoot in the wind

To get the right shot, your drone should not fly much higher than 300 feet. Don’t fly your drone higher than that as doing so, will lead to shakier and unstable shots. Check the wind and weather to get the perfect stable video. In some countries, it is illegal to fly the drone above 400 feet.

  • Go smooth and slow

They say ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. Well, it is a perfect saying for drone capturing. Make use of the controller, go slow and steady to get the perfect shot. The faster and jerky movements will replace your perfect thought shot with a shaky and blurry shot. To have a look at some smooth shots click on the link  below. .

  • Know the environment

Knowing the location where you are going to perform the shoot is a very crucial part. Try to map the environment using Google Earth as it will inform you about the obstacles like the trees, wires, building, etc. beforehand. This is will help you from crashing your drone in the middle of the ongoing shoot. Thus, protecting your drone, video and money by mapping the surrounding is a great idea.

  • Longer Shots

A good practice in filmmaking will help you know that, shooting a few seconds before the actual shot and few seconds later the actual shot is so crucial. This finds more importance in the field of drone cinematography. As shooting for a longer time will make it more flexible while editing the videos later.

  • Sunrise and Sunset

The drone shooting should be done either while the sun rises or when the sun sets. Both the timings are perfect for shooting as they give the whole surrounding a natural touch with perfect lighting. The deep shadows make the terrain more dynamic and the sun overhead creates a pleasing effect in your video.

These 6 simple tips will help you achieve the best cinematic shots. Try it out and transform yourself into the best cinematographer.

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