Become A Top Visual Effect Artist


While watching an action movie, you ever wonder how did the superhero fly high in the sky or how the small molecules gather and form a human? Well, it is all computerized and  has a name for it, that is ‘Visual effects or VFX’

Visual effects or the VFX industry is drastically evolving over the period of time. We not only get to the effects in the movies but also in popular broadcast shows and small television commercials.

Do you think about the making of the VFX? If yes, you have come to a right place. Because here we are going to give you some tips to become a successful visual effect artist.

Come let’s begin our journey to becoming the best visual effect artist


This is the first and foremost step you should do. Get admitted to the school that specializes in visual effects or animation. Search for a school that has instructors who are working the films or on some broadcasts. The professionals who are within the industry and from a very long time, have a complete updated database about the technical techniques and the CG software.

Learning with the professionals make it easy for you to start a career later. With their experience in the industry, they can help you get your first job. Also, school of this type invests their full time in training in transforming you into a successful VFX artist. They help you gain an upper hand in your career.


Any profession you opt for, you should always strive to be the best in it. You should always aim to be in the top position no matter what. This will help you to know what is going wrong which will help you grow.

In the field of VFX, you can make short movies of your own wherein you can experiment with the VFX. Learn how to structure your work properly. Recognize the use of VFX in your movie.


A company always hires the candidates based on their work and experience. When you apply for the post of VFX artist,  an interviewer expects the ‘professional show-reel’. A professional show-reel is nothing but a piece of your work. It may your previous work or something that you made for the job.

Make sure that your show-reel is short, unique and has a spark in it that grabs the attention. Search for the best animation studios and check they are hiring for which position. Make your show-reel according to the skills required for the position.


Getting inspiration from other artist is a good, but don’t just copy their work. Be original and involve your style in your work. Don’t be afraid of trying something out of the box. At first, it might not go well, but when you get into practice things will turn out good.

When things start getting dull, you might want to research the work you previously did. Get inspired but having an essence of your own in the work is what going to help you get noticed.

  • TEAM

When you are the leader of a team, it is in your hand that you keep your team happy and motivated. While working, maintain a friendly environment. Make your team feel comfortable with you so that they are not afraid to come up to you when in a problem.

Keep a check on your working attitude. Be a leader with a good heart and behavior. Because it is the whole team that makes your work look presentable and worth. They can help you climb to the top.

We are sure that these tips will guide you on your way to success and help you be on the top. Use this amazing tips to begin your journey to be a successful VFX artist.

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