Ad Film Makers in Mumbai

Mumbai is lodged with commercial filmmakers but each one of them isn’t too refined with the art of filmmaking. Whenever a craftsperson needs to make a piece of craft, he picks up the works of others, visualizes it and gains motivation from the same. Taking inspiration from a well-renowned craftsperson will never hurt your art; instead, it will nourish and develop it. A filmmaker is also a type of craftsperson who is crafting a film to present to his viewers. So, for making a good film, a filmmaker should review the works of other filmmakers so as to bring out the best from his creative mind and include the factors of motivation he gained from those pieces of work.Here is the list of some good movies that every aspiring filmmaker should watch so as to develop his potentiality in making an engaging and a blockbuster film.

  • Psycho (1960): It’s the best ever film in the genre of suspense and thrillers. A film by Alfred Hitchcock broke the conventions of basic films by introducing the opening scene with a half-naked woman. It had commendable editing and accepted and highlighted those facts which were demanded by the viewers. Also, it had laudable music and acute presentation. This film is an inspiration which reflects the fact that classics can be made in low budgets too.


  • One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975): A film by Milos Forman that visualized the scenes of psychological disturbances in a defectless manner and portrayed the immense emotions of insanity. It also depicted that words aren’t the only medium through which an impression can be laid in viewers’ mind, instead, silence too speaks a lot and expresses emotions entirely at a different level.


  • Life of Brain (1979): A film of Terry Jones which presented the controversial facts completely in a convincing and reasonable way. It also exemplified that how comedy films can be so popular in the box office. This film filled the gaps of controversy through the mode of comedy which indeed made this film a successful one.


  • Airplane (1980): A film directed by David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker which settled new milestones in the genre of comedy. This movie was witty, to the point and was overloaded with sarcastic and humorous one-liners.


  • Reservoir Dogs (1992): This was a Debut movie of Quentin Tarantino who portrayed his excellent storytelling. He had his own hypothetical method of picturing the whole film. Quentin is known for his unconventional attitude and being a politically incorrect person which adds an advantage to his whole film. Viewers appreciate his vision as they are able to understand every bit of it.


  • Pulp Fiction (1994): Another film by Quentin Tarantino which again presents his super abstruse vision. Being the achiever of 28 awards, this film happens to register itself in the lists of classic films. This film portrayed that how one-liners can affect the market and furthermore, how it leads a boom in the box office. In addition to that, Tarantino had a good choice in selecting his cast for the film.


  • The Shawshank Redemption (1994): This film was led by Frank Darabont as a writer as well as the director. Originally, it didn’t do well in the box office but was latterly acknowledged by the audience. His perseverance and placidity will reflect the good features of being a filmmaker. He wasn’t a prominent filmmaker before Shawshank but after his hardcore efforts, he made his way through this industry. His passion was clearly reflected in this film. Another specialty of this film is that the characters were well developed and portrayed.


  • Life is Beautiful (1997): A film by Roberto Benigni that impersonates emotions in a well-developed format. Starting from the innocence of children and ending it up with the indomitability of one man, this whole film expresses the overall impression of a family’s affection. It’s a story of love and veracity which is beautifully unfolded by this filmmaker.


  • Momento (2000): A film by Christopher Nolan which is a remake of Christopher’s former film Following (1998). If you compare both of these films, you will find a drastic difference in both of them. You will observe his growth as a filmmaker. This movie held a fascinating script which was portrayed in flashback scenes. It had a sense of uniqueness which engages the viewers to get engaged in this film.


  • The Blue Valentine (2010): A film by Derek Clanfrance who unfolded a beautiful romantic story with an unconventional yet in a convincing manner. This movie is a complete package of good music and usage of perfect lighting techniques. Also, the characters played by the actors were intense and depicted the desired emotions with perfect delivery of dialogues and actions.