How to Create a Great Script for Video

Script writing is nothing less than an art even if it is for something as commercial as corporate or marketing videos. This means that writing of a script should not be taken lightly and should be done by a professional. There many layers to a well-written script. If you are looking to hire a professional company for your videos, it will be wise to let them handle writing the script right from scratch.There are a lot many aspects to writing a script. Here are the important things that you need to consider while writing a script.


  1. What Are Your Goals?

Identifying your goals before you get on the actual writing of the script will help you stay focused.

This is a good way to identify the parts of your video/story. It will also help you stay on task and not get too far from your goal.

You can ask yourself the following list of questions to get a clearer picture in your head.

What is the purpose of telling the story?

Who is going to be the target audience?

Why are they the relevant audience?

What is it that we want the viewer to infer from watching this video?

These questions will help you create a good idea of the story in your head.


2. Engage Your Viewer

Making sure that you go by the outline that you have decided upon will definitely convey your point only if people watch the entire video without getting bored. Having the kind of a video that will keep the audience hooked is going to be equally important. Make sure that there some attention-grabbing content in the first minute of the video itself. This attention that you gather must also be maintained and the video must be entertaining throughout for that to happen.


3.Nail You Call to Action

After you have managed to get a good story for your video, the next task is to make sure that your video that a call to action that is trending. Just putting up an address to your website and the logo of your company is not going to be enough.


Following is the list of some good CATs that your video can have:


Sign up


Be a part of some social media activity


4. Trim and Edit Your First Draft

The draft needs to edited well like all other forms of writing. The script should be like a woman’s skirt. Long enough to cover all the necessary content and short enough to keep the interest. While in the process of editing, keep your target audience in mind constantly.


5. Choose the Right Tone

This will turn out to be a great part of your video. There are chances that your video will come shallow without enough emotion to it. The script is going to say a lot tone of your script is going to say a lot about you. This can be tricky but once you have it figured out, it will reap great rewards.