6 Great Examples of Brand Storytelling in Video

Brands are one of the most staple things to exist in this world. Anywhere or everywhere you go in this planet, you are bound to come across some brand or the other. If brands wouldn’t exist, products wouldn’t have any kind of ownership whatsoever. Now, that would be utter madness, wouldn’t it? Be it products for food, clothing, accessories, daily products, household, etc., you will find brands in every nook and cranny. Thousands of brands exist, but what if I ask you to name some of them? From the top of your mind, you will be able to name 10-20 of them, or maybe more. Why so? That is because these are the brands that have created a prolific effect all over the country or world and have become household names. One of the main reasons behind a brand’s success and fame, is its brand storytelling. Every brand has a story, the way they portray it to the world is what gives them a successful identity. Come, let’s take a deeper look into what brand storytelling is all about.

What is Brand Storytelling? All You Need to Know.

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You might be a budding entrepreneur, eagerly waiting to open up your own brand, or you might be wondering why it is so that other brands are so successful than others. The key factor to keep in mind is the power of brand storytelling. What a brand has to offer to the public is not enough for it to establish and become popular. In order to create an impact, a brand needs to offer something more, that is, tell better stories.

Brands like Google, Apple, Lego, Coca Cola, Samsung, and Nike have become industry icons and giants as a result of their penchant for storytelling. If a brand relies only on what it has to offer, it will quickly become just another layman’s brand with nothing to differentiate itself from others. Storytelling is the best way to engage people and show them what exactly you or your brand has to offer and how it stands out.

Thus, we can now say that brand storytelling is the best way to connect with the audience, to show them what all a brand has to offer, to portray what motivates you and your brand, and to appeal to their emotions. Through this, your brand can reach greater heights and achieve success because people will prefer to buy your products once they know what your brand is all about.

What is Essential in Brand Storytelling?

The explosion of content marketing, article writing, and brand journalism has given rise to brand storytelling as well as helped it to take up a very prominent role in today’s marketing world. The successful brands continuously tell their stories through media and visual imaging, building a relationship with the public of their values and products. The essential factors that combine to form a proper brand storytelling include: –

  • What the brand is
  • What the brand specifically does
  • How the brand solves problems
  • How the brand adds care and value
  • How the brand engages and contributes

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Brand storytelling needs to be perfect to help your brand acquire the status you want. For that, your storytelling about your brand has to be simple and understandable. It needs to be relatable so the public voluntarily engages and takes a liking towards your brand. Make your brand storytelling emotional, through characters, humor, pain, joy, etc., to help the public know that you’re here because you care. Also, share your successes and failures. Brand storytelling is a powerful and personal way to keep your brand real and ultimately help it sell products. Sharing your failures and successes helps the public know that you’re real, just like them.

Examples of Great Brand Storytelling in Videos

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A lot of brands are already successful (few of which I’ve mentioned previously) due to their prowess over brand storytelling. To help you understand better and get inspiration, listed below are the six great examples of brand storytelling through videos. Take a look: –

  1. WeddingWire

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WeddingWire is one of the most popular one-stop online destinations for couples looking to get married. It is the best website that helps such couples to connect with venues, vendors, planning tools, etc. When it comes to brand storytelling, WeddingWire has done it all right. Through their dedicated website blog, they provide the public with a behind-the-scenes experience at how they function and how they help clients have their dream weddings. This is another important aspect of proper brand storytelling, helping the public take a look inside of your company to show them it’s human side. Let the people see you.

  1. Nestle 

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Nestle is a brand that does not even need an introduction anymore. The world’s largest beverage and food company, Nestle has become a household name and does not even require brand storytelling because they’ve already achieved success. Still, they have illustrated a brand storytelling video that is nothing short of amazing. Why? To keep their empire up and running for the longest time possible. Their quality management system is used as a standard globally to ensure food safety, proper quality standards, and to create value for consumers. Their animated video is sweet, mesmerizing, and shows everyone where they started and what they are now. Inspiring, isn’t it?

  1. eBay

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Another world-renowned company that is an icon in online shopping, eBay too, needs no introduction at all. Helping people all over the world buy their favorite products at cheap prices, they have become a favorite destination for shopping. The company also looks after eBay.com, their online venture that sells a variety of products worldwide. After achieving so much success, eBay still has an excellent brand storytelling clip to show the people how they’ve provide e-commerce services to everyone, to get to where they are now.

  1. Samsung

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Samsung, one of the biggest tech giants, have faced some major problems in their not-so-distant past. Phones blowing up, phones getting rejected at the airport, people hesitating to buy their phones, and so forth. While the problems they faced were beyond mild, Samsung did not attempt to hide their flaws. They know that every brand will have errors. Instead, they responded with full page ads for apologizing and ended up launching the beastly Samsung S8. Respect!

  1. Pepsi

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Since summers have already arrived, you might be craving a cold drink, right? Well, Pepsi is sure to make you drool. One of the world’s oldest beverage companies, Pepsi has become a household name and we all crave it when summers arrive. Pepsi’s brand storytelling video is a wonderful one, which showcases the iconic Pepsi logo and how it has evolved as generations have progressed. This just goes to show how Pepsi want people to know how far they’ve come and why they should always have trust in them providing the best beverages.

  1. Airbnb

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Airbnb is one of the top online destinations for travelers who look for a place to stay while they’re on their endeavors. With their new logo Belo, Airbnb have managed to captivate the audience and gain massive success. Their brand storytelling video showcases their logo as a wonderful combination of places, people, love, and Airbnb. Now, if that won’t capture the attention of the people, then what will?

Thus, as you can see by now, brand storytelling is quite the important step for a brand’s success. Without a proper brand storytelling, it will not be able to captivate the masses and as a result, will not be able to run successfully. Thus, plan well and create an excellent brand storytelling video for your brand to be able to capture people’s attention and achieve success!