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Every business, either small or big, need animated videos in today’s world for digital marketing purpose. Choosing a right video is a big decision for Any business house because brand videos are very important ventures responsible for creating a brand image and conveying the message for Brand promotion to the masses and the Prospective clients in a short and a visual format.

Five important things should be kept in mind while getting your animation video created for product or services promotion of your business:-

 1) Financial resources
First of all, the company that is the business house has to consider its budget that they can afford for creating the animation video of their business house. Your budget will decide how creative you can be with your video. You want your animation video to look more like a Pixar movie; then you should be in a position to spend millions.
But to get a good quality explainer video, you need not always been million as there is numerous animated and animation video create a presence in the market that can provide you with good videos within the budget based upon the style you choose.

2) Knowledge of Brand Persona

Although the main aim behind the animated video for businesses is the promotion of the product and services, it is not the sole force behind it. The animated video should also aim at educating prospective clients. Along with the brand logo and color, the video animator should know your target audience and the industry you and your business are existing. The visual aspect of the video works for the business and the audience together.
For example, if the animation video Is for pharmaceutical company And the video revolves around a lot of cuddly toys and such products it would be of no use. An animated video created for B2B Purpose should be more explanatory and in the conversational tone of corporate level. The personality of the brand is a determinant of how the video content has to be made so that it strikes with the right audiences and in the right manner.

3) Recognizing the target audience

An animation video has the sole aim of impressing and engaging the prospective buyers until the end, be it a corporate house or individual buyer. The company which is getting its graphics oriented video made by professionals should have a complete idea of the target audience. So, the hired animators should be well acknowledged about the brand or the product to be introduced in the video and its prospective customers.
Detail of what information has to be delivered to the audience should be conveyed to the animator so that the exact theme of the graphic oriented videos can be summarized. Usually, videos involving visual graphics starts with the general problem that audiences are facing and then gradually jumps over to how the brand promoted in the video offers a solution to the same.

4) Consider the time span

One of the important explainer video tips is, it should not be too long nor too short. If audiences did not watch the video until the end, the purpose of producing such videos would be defeated. The ideal length of the video should be around two minutes because it has been found that after that, the engagement of the audience starts dropping, which is certainly not desirable. Always make a point to be crisp and clear in promoting your brand or services and need not include every detail about the same. The sole aim behind the graphics-oriented video is for the interest of the audience and encourage them to seek more information about the product, which can help them become a valuable customer for the brand.

5) Knowledge of the market

Every promotional video created through high-quality graphics, text, and voice-over artist help would not perform well in every market, so it is essential to have the idea of where the product has to be promoted and which is the potential market for your video.
Content of the video should be apt for the market for example if you are producing a product promotion video using graphics related to urban style showing the video in rural areas would not be helpful in the brand promotion.
The video has to be showcased on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook make sure the video is quite short, says around 15 seconds in length.
There are a lot of mediums to promote the video created for your brand promotions such as email newsletters, trade shows and exhibitions, website homepage, social media, and many more.

The final tagging

Out of the above mentioned animated video tips, almost all collectively work for the brand product or services promotion in a video. Get the professional animator services hired for creating the masterly curated content of the video for your brand. Always have a clear outline drawn for different aspects of such videos like the market, target audience, time span, budget, the length of the video. A professionally trained animator or animation studio can do more to video then just introducing and promoting your product. The role of voice-over artist in such video is equally important to make sure your audio content is delivered in the best professional tone.