Need of Animated Video For Your Product

Animated videos have become a very crucial and powerful tool for product promotion through various mediums such as digital, print, or other tech devices such as TV sets or radio. The basic power of advertising through animation videos lies in the fact that these videos are based on the storyline which is well defined and revolves around the product. Bright and crisp story of your product can be told in a matter of a few minutes in a very engaging and impressive tone via animated videos.

This fantastic marketing resource can bring in a great boost in sales or client age. Many benefits cannot be ignored or underestimated that can be derived from the usage animation videos for promotion of product or services of any business house in irrespective of their operational scale, big or small.

benefits of animation videos
Stated below are a few benefits of animation for your product such as:-

1. It can reach masses

Being user-friendly and comprehensible can be viewed by every genre of people, young or old. Online content around animated characters conveys the message in an engaging tone. People choose to watch videos( read here short videos) in comparison to the text or long videos which would be calling upon mental stress. Studies have found that people spend most of their online-time on watching videos, especially animated, rather than reading a blog post.

2. Videos are shared more

Video content is often shared more on social media platforms and whatsapp groups rather than text and images combined. Well constructed animation video set the fruitful ground for publicity of the brand as people would be encouraged to share such videos with their family and friends. If the content of such video is engaging and funny to evoke laughter or teach some valuable context besides conveying its intended message.
In this way, marketing video will create its audiences who will themselves act as a marketer for your brand, saving the companies cost for further advertisement.

3. An economical method of marketing

Getting videos for business produced by professional animation studios is cheaper than other types of videos such as live action videos which require the whole set of cast actors, locations election, program schedule, renting or purchasing the equipment needed, planning post-production schedule and a team of experts editors and much more. This means such kind of videos is an entire package that comes from hefty cost. Curtailing down of the expenditure of these aspects of live action videos can result in a badly produced video which will not create the desired impact and the entire expenditure would go in vain.

4. Animated videos create a niche for themselves quickly and for a more extended period

Explainer videos are more connectable and relate-able to its viewers, and if they are professionally created with passion and perfection, they will keep the audience engaged until the end. This has greater chances of viewers becoming Loyal patrons of the brand.

Since the visual effects are more impactful than text, explainer videos keep on retorting back to the viewer’s mind.

The human mind has been designed to comprehend and memorize images faster than written text/words. A short video of say under a minute would be worth around 1.8 million words it respective of the background music or Voiceover added to such explainer videos.

Explainer videos have the power of Converting promotional messages into compelling ones as the viewers are engaged enough hence compelled to watch the video till the end. This ultimately results in their preference towards the brand. Even if they don’t get into purchasing the product immediately, they are more likely to do it shortly owing to the curiosity created by your explainer video.

A tip for an engaging animation video

While getting your animated videos created for your business and services always keep in mind that the design of a character used in the video is fun to watch, colorful, colors of your brand logo should be used wisely in the products displayed, so that story narrated in the video has the direct connection with your brand. For this purpose, you can get custom animated videos made by leading animation studios in your area proximity.  The team of experts can do wonders to your audience, company, and the video.

Google and YouTube search engines love animated videos.  Google is one of the important search engines used by people worldwide, so the short and exact description of your video with a catchy title and the convenient tag will help it to rank higher on Google search. Websites site with animated video on its landing page can attract 2 to 3 times more web traffic. So, the engaging video will enable the prospective clients to spend their time on that site, which means More possibilities of generating sales.

YouTube search engine also likes explainer videos which are attractive as people search on YouTube the products or the services which they are planning to buy. If your animation video would be convincing and compelling enough with the keywords ranking in you are YouTube, that will help us to create more video viewing.

An explainer video on YouTube will indirectly direct traffic to your website as YouTube acts as an autonomous marketing unit. It gives people a good idea of your business who search there for their product needs and its related content.

More conversions and sales via animated videos

Animated videos are certainly the generator of more conversions than any other kind of promotional material. The companies who have employed videos for their marketing are believed to have 40% more of web traffic coming from search engines then the business in their competition. Most of the conversions or sales come from the landing page of the website has videos posted there for viewers

Touching, socially acceptable, and understandable video is bound to generate more sales as the viewers will be connecting.

Assemble email marketing with animated videos for more powerful impact
Email marketing, however, maybe the traditional method of digital marketing but hasn’t lost its charm yet. Accompany it with a good-looking animated video. It is bound to increase web traffic on your website by almost 50%.

If the word video is added in the subject line of the email, the chances that the recipient of the email would be watching the video if not reading the full-text are every likely. In this way, explainer videos can create magic by introducing your business to strangers who are receiving emails.

Benefits in a nutshell

In any business plans to keep its clients coming back to its brand, it is necessary, with the awareness gaining techniques such as explainer videos, getting them introduced in your marketing campaigns. These animation videos are more responsible for benefiting your business by engaging clients and winning their heart. If the content shown in the video is absorbed by the clients promptly, they will share it and will engage with your product story. Animation videos are a cheaper method of product promotion and very importantly are search engine friendly, which means high web traffic and conversion or sales for your brand.