According to Molecular Biologist, John Madine, visions affect our senses in the most dominating manner, taking up almost half of our brain’s resources. Moreover, visual information is processed by our brain cells multiple times faster than the text. So, it is always recommended to use short and crisp graphics or animations which are easier to comprehend and attractive to watch.

Animated videos are a tool of marketing products and services with the help of visual graphic description along with text and voice over. This instrument of advertising and promoting helps to narrate the story or the idea behind the product in a more comprehensive manner. Studies have found that 65% of people like to learn via visual methods. And the information transmitted with the use of animation or graphics reach their brain and stays embedded more conveniently.

The animation is a process of designing, drawing, laying out and preparing the photographs in a sequence which is then compiled in multimedia formats or a gaming product. There are a lot of benefits of animation such as

1) It is more captivated for viewers as it has a rich, vibrant, and colorful scenes that move in front of the eyes, attracting the audience to the last.
2) Sounds combined with the graphics animation in videos are formed created that can go viral faster and further owing to its eye-popping characters, creativity, and ease of comprehension.

There are certain benefits of using animation videos for business growth such as:-

Businesses that have such videos for their brands usually make more money, around 49% faster than those who don’t sell their products via videos.
Using video in your marketing strategy helps to double up the conversion rate.
Websites with animation videos for products can attract 41% more profit than those who are not having animated videos.

Videos with animated graphics are of great help to promote any company or product in a very effective manner as it can explain the concept to the large crowd in a very short manner. It focuses on keeping the audience engaged and interested in listening and watching animated wants to convey.

Listed below are the 10 animation video tips that can help grab the attention of target audiences:-

1) Helps in boosting the conversion rate

Animation not only keeps the customers engaged to the end but also inspired them to make a purchase, which means the business maximizes its profit. Graphics oriented videos with animations on the landing page can help to increase the conversion rate up to around 80%, irrespective of what you are trying to sell the books or clothing.

2) Create a niche for yourself

Good quality videos are a good source of digital marketing as it helps you stand distinguished from the competition. The video often becomes your brand’s face in the mind of ultimate buyers. A creative, innovative, and descriptive animation video can establish your brand as a futuristic company that tries establishing a good relationship with consumers.

3) Immersive response from customers

Animation videos of phone receive immersive reports from the audience as cartoon characters, and the voiceover can keep them engaged. Studies have found that one-third of the online activities of the internet surfer is spent on watching videos with graphics. It is essential to keep your prospective clients engaged and coming back to your website. Such videos very easily perform the task. The videos offer a great and effective chance of reaching to the customer’s mind.

4) An effective tool for SEO purpose

Just the way people love animated video content, Google search engine to love such videos. If your website has professionally created videos very probably, it will improve your SEO that can help your business higher on Google searches. Google algorithm is for search ranking taking into consideration the amount of time during which visitors space on your website. A video with cartoon characters can help to boost your ranking.

5) An effective technique to impress clients at meetings and events

An animated video is quite self-explanatory with high-quality graphics. Voiceover artist plays a crucial role in it. Giving a powerful presentation via animation video will greatly affect clients perspective at the sales meeting. An eye-catching video at the exhibition stall will drop people and their attention.

6) Enhances understanding of the product and services

Products and services can be better explained to potential customers via animation video animations. It can explain the purpose and the function of your product in a very effective and comprehensive manner. Using the storytelling concept in the animation video in a short time span can convey the real-life stances with which the consumers can connect very easily.

7) Energy, time and money saving

Usage of animated videos involving graphics unlike live-action videos is a very economical way of promoting the product. Such videos need very less frequent updates, and whenever required, the upgrades can be done quickly.
Also making an animated such video is not a very time-consuming process. In the time span of a few minutes, an entire story can be conveyed to the clients.

8) No discrimination among any genre of people

Animation videos created using graphics and technology that does not discriminate based on human factors such as age, race, skin color, or nationality. Characters are created to suit the product and the service requirement and can have many variations. No human factors are involved in this except the voice-over artist. So, no chances of discrimination, exploitation or biases can exist in such videos.

9) Helps to bring an idea to life

With the help of animated such videos, it is very easy and effective to narrate your story. Taking help of tools like visual display, graphics, and voice-over artist product or services explanation to the clients becomes easier.

10) A very effective tool for brand development

Videos are very effective for brand development as it can very artistically logos, color schemes, brand images, and another aspect of branding into your video through the help of professional animators. Also, the series of graphics oriented videos can be introduced, which can effectively create recurrent themes and brand icons.


Animated videos are undoubtedly an effective tool for marketing at the digital platform. These are of great help in facilitating and promoting your brand and services or products.

Every animation video cannot go viral or become a significant hit. Use the services of the best animation studio that can creatively rethink and re-construct your video so that it becomes popular among the masses. Team of professionals at an animation house makes sure that all your requirements and expectations are met timely via such videos.