Advantages of Corporate Video for your Brand

A video is believed to be the most powerful medium of communication today. It is practical and efficient at the same time, and that makes it a critical tool for the marketing and promotional processes of a company.

The medium of video can be used either as an advertisement film or as a corporate film. People often categorize both in the same segment and get confused when they encounter it. To have a better understanding, let us take an example of a Motorcycle manufacturing company. We will discuss the difference in its advertisement film and its corporate film. Both have different approaches, and both create a different kind of impression. Before that, let us discuss these marketing tools very briefly.

For the promotion of its brand, the company needs both of these tools, and these tools play a crucial role in the marketing stage. The advertising film is more specific, which aims at promoting a particular product, whereas a corporate film has a generic motive and tries to represent the overall objectives of the company.

Now let us discuss the difference with the help of an example. Firstly an advertisement film has a target audience, and that is the ordinary public. So the advertisement film of a Motorcycle company will be on a specific product. Here we will take a new product that was launched recently this season, and the company will intend to aware the public about it. In such a situation the advertisement film plays the role of catalyst as it enables a quality flow of communication about the product directly from the company to the people. The entire duration of the video would be concise and crisp. According to the TV standards, the average length of a TVC would be of 30-40 seconds.

The entire video will look very stylized and glamorous as it is done intentionally also to create an immediate impact on the audience. For this reason, the TVC may also have a popular film or sports personality (who is selected by their company as the brand ambassador). The famous character is established with the product so that it creates an additional glamorous or emotional effect (on the fans). These elements are embedded because the main objective of the advertisement film is to create potential buyers. Because this sets new trends in the market and that promotes the new product indirectly. So in a compiled way, we can say that the main objective of an advertisement film is to maximize the sales of the product it is advertising.

On the other hand, we have corporate films. A corporate film is made for a different kind of audience. It is never made solely for the general public but also for the stakeholders, investors, banks, and other financial institutions. That is why these films will have a generic or long term objective. The corporate video for the same brand of the motorcycle will be long and descriptive, and generally, it is launched in the company’s website and other web platforms.

The video may open in the real geographical location where the company has its manufacturing units. They try giving crucial physical information about the company and would try to justify them with videos. For example, they will mention the total area of the manufacturing unit, and at the same time, they would show the bird’s eye view of the entire area. It may include the footages of the workshop showing the actual assembling of these motorcycles along with the real workers and laborers in action with their equipment and raw materials. The video would also embed monologues from the managerial and executive personnel who will talk about and describe the working of the company and how constantly it tries to make innovation for its customers.

This kind of video tries to create a long term feeling, and it stays in mind. It gives the wholesome feel as one sees the entire property of the company, meets the managers and the workers virtually. The corporate video is an essential tool for investors as they get to see the full capacity of the company. It helps them in making their decisions because some investors not only base their decision on the balance sheets and other books.

A corporate video helps the company in itself. When the general public sees its complicated system of working, it tends to develop a sense of reliability, which improves the brand name and increases brand recognition. These elements help a company to garner a more significant market share also. A corporate video works more like a resume for the company as it can help to invite attention and give an informative introduction to a potential associate. It improves transparency and goodwill, which help the company to approach for more substantial loans to expand.
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