7 Video Production Trends

Videos production and marketing have achieved immense popularity in today’s time. Video production companies have been dominating the market.

Animation video makers have also received a position which has got an essential place in the market. New kinds of gears, latest formats, and expectations from the audience have been setting examples for small revolutions to have started in the video production companies.


Motion graphics video, 360-degree video, and videography as a whole are bringing changes in the business and media sector. People have developed a vivid picture. Where their tracks are headed, and some of those are a little expected, while others are more surprising.

Given below are some fascinating ways in which the production of videos is currently revolutionizing the market and is evolving slowly. These are the ways and methods which have gone forward to create the latest trends that can be seen in video production.

1. Improved accessibility due to social media

If we have a look at the last year, that is 2019, the number of smartphone users has risen to a number that is above 5 billion. There are dozens of websites focusing on videos, and these are offering entertainment, communication, and capabilities to edit.

One has gotten access to cameras, which are low cost and to tools that are very useful for editing videos. This kind of devices has made it easier to produce high-quality videos. The frequency of video being uploaded on the web has risen significantly enough to surpass the number of uploads that happens on TV.

Videos are something that is everywhere and in every corner. Internet experiences comprise a vital part, and that is online videos. If video is accessible to people who have disabilities, then they need to create, it will keep growing.

2. Circulation on social media

Social media has made the distribution of videos more accessible and so has enhanced the video production industry. YouTube and Facebook are platforms that have put into use tools which are used for automatic captioning. The technology behind this remains troublesome. Application developers and video players have been adding accessibility features that will enhance these issues. So, we can focus on this area and make our content more acceptable.

3. Vertical video: a new trend

Some platforms are trying to innovate and have increased internet traffic to about 80%. These trends do not show any signs that make them slow down. With the increase in the amount of the video content, the challenge of standing out among the crowd gets more and more difficult. It would help if you were creating something unique for making your ideas stand out and get heard. Staying creative is something that makes sure that one is prepared for the next step of producing videos.

Smartphones have been playing a significant role in our lives. These have kind integrated with our lives and have played a vital role in increasing the demand for mobile videos. According to a survey, around 75% of the content that we come around today is circulated on a mobile device. All of these or say a majority of these are shot on a mobile device. These have been captured on smartphones. Brands have tried to update and adapt to this new format of vertical shooting.

4. Social sites enhancing vertical videos

Moving a step further, Snapchat and Instagram stories have taken one more step in underlining this transition. This accounts for around more than a million of vertical videos. These are uploaded daily. There are a lot of brands that are using this vertical video trend to engage their target audiences. Mobil driven videos are a little concise even when it comes to their size. These videos are fats in embracing the vertical format.

5. Focus on gaining videos

These kinds of videos have a lot of features. The first thing that can be highlighted here is that these fill the entire screen of the phone and, therefore, reduces any distraction that could happen with a view to click somewhere else. Another benefit that comes into light is that there is only a single point of focus in a frame. This can create a challenge for video marketers and creators to make their videos creative enough to get all the attention at one single point. This way, the audience can be glued to something.

6. 360-degree video

360-degree videos can be viewed in every direction and are hence likely to immerse a good portion of the audience. These are also termed as spherical videos. This is because these are visible from multiple directions. These are shot using a collection of different cameras.

7. Motion graphics video

Motion graphic videos are in trend because of their feature of creating an illusion of something moving. Electronic media technology is put to use in this case. Apart from this, some manual powered technology is also set to the contributing elements.