Top Industrial Photography Studios In India

People think that commercial photography is similar to industrial photography, but it is surely not. Instead, there lies a very subtle but most important and noticeable difference between the two. 

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Being an industrial photographer might be difficult sometimes compared to any other form of photography, but it is one of the best. Capturing workers working so hard and the detailed landscape of the industry can be one of the best things to capture. Isn’t it? It might take you out of your very comfort zone but trust us; it will be all worth it. Industrial photography is all about capturing the moment, capturing the world that other people might not be able to see in their lives as the place is full of restrictions and hazards.

Here is a list of top industrial photography studios in India

  • Work studios- The studio was established in 2006 and had been serving the customer since then. Not only in photography, but they are also specialized in video film making, email services, documentaries, 3D displaying, and many more such services. Work studios come under the world’s best photography studios list. 
  • Creative Ville- It is a service agency based in the region of Bangalore. They have a team full of creative and service personnel. Creative Ville offers services in many departments like photography, videography, digital marketing, product and brand support, and many more. 
Top Industrial Photography Studios In India 2
  • Mantra technologies private limited- It is another one of the leading companies in service providing in mobile app building, all forms of photography, videography, communications, and many more. The company has its head office in Noida with other offices in India and Canada too. 
  • Pixel innovations- It is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Bangalore. Pixel has clients not just only in India but from all around the world. Their services include- web marketing, photography services, videography services, social media marketing, graphic designs, software development, video production, and many more. 
  • The Jigsaw– It is located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The Jigsaw believes that the photography business can make its way around and take the shape of any business. Not just industrial photography, the Jigsaw provides services in all branches of photography, namely- food photography, furniture photography, home décor photography, product photography, beauty products photography, sports product photography, well the list goes on. They provide services in industrial photography with the following aspects; 
  1. Factory photography
  2. Service photography
  3. Workshop photography
  4. Corporate photography

The Jigsaw has a team of professional photographers who provides services with excellent lighting techniques and framing angles. They involve all kinds of photography, which includes industrial photography too.

  • Showdown art- They work as an international business service provider having clients from all around the world. The showdown art operates from their office in Noida, India. They are one of the best service providers in digital media, photography services, marketing, and many more. 
  • Blink Ahmedabad- The company, as the name suggests, is located in Ahmedabad, India. They have a team of passionate thinkers that provide services with a creative mindset. 
  • Codehunt technology- Codehunt is an INDIAN-originated company. They have their roots of services in web designing, software developments, photography of all branches, animations, videography services, graphic designs, and many more. They are ranked under one of the best service providers not just in India but across the world. 
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  • Studio galaxy– The studio is located in the region of Kandivali in west Mumbai. The studio galaxy has a policy of ensuring consistent conformance to quality. They are committed to delivery and consistent improvement. The studio galaxy is one of the most famous and most trusted photography studios located in Mumbai. 
  • Wiggle media- It is an old corporate photography company in Mohali, Chandigarh. They are known for their world-class services in photography and videography, animations, graphics, VFX, and 3D pictures. 

Industrial photography involves taking pictures of larger objects that might sometimes be difficult to fit in the frame, which is why industrial photography is a bit more challenging than any other photography.

You might wonder what industrial photography is needed for or why is it so difficult? Well, the answer is industrial photography is generally of machinery, products, equipment, workers. These things are not very eye-catching by themselves, so the photographers are the ones that make them interesting and attractive.