What Should Be Included in A Company Video?

video production company

A company video is only a video produced via way of means of an enterprise or organization. Training, instructional, and protection movies for employees, Investor presentations, new products or services demonstrations, consumer and client testimonial movies, occasion or hobby occasion summaries or enterprise occasion summaries, and lots more come under a company video. The percent … Read more

Job Profiles in Animation


Want to start your career in animation but not sure what are scopes? Here we are with another exclusive content, where we will be discussing the different job profiles in the field of animation.  So, let’s start!  3D modeler  In this job profile, one usually builds 3D characters, as well as environments basis through art. … Read more

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Animation Creation Tools?


All coins have two sides. One is good, and the other is bad. The same is the case for online animation creation tools. Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of some of the online animation creation tools.  1. Renderforest  Advantage:  Offer several icon resources to use  Used by authoritative media as well as BBC, … Read more

Why is Animation Expensive?

Why is Animation Expensive? 1

Creation and animation are pretty expensive. It involves numerous steps and consists of a lot of work. Even if it is simply short animation, it still needs too much effort.   Through this article, we will get to know why animation is so expensive. But before jumping to the procedure of creating animation and discussing the … Read more

Story Behind The Logos Of Top Animation Studios


The story behind the logos of top animation studios  Walt Disney Animation Studios  The Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS), or Disney Animation, is an American animation studio that produces animated features and short films for The Walt Disney Company. The company’s animation production logo is a scene from the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie, released … Read more

Top 20 Video Editing Apps in 2022 [Free and Paid]

Top 20 Video Editing Apps in 2022

OpenShot Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. OpenShot is one of the most straightforward open-source, free video editing software solutions within the market. It provides unlimited layers, video transitions with period previews, and countless choices for video effects, animation, and keyframes. Moreover, it’s straightforward to cut and slice any video using this tool. VSDC Available … Read more

Best 3D Animation Studios in Mumbai

3D Animation Studio in Mumbai

Want to know about the top 3D Animation Studios in Mumbai?  Cool, you are on the right page.   With a growing number of 3D Animation studios in Mumbai, it isn’t easy to find the best studio which fits your needs.   Let us assist you in finding some of the Best 3D Animation Studios in Mumbai.  … Read more

Short Film: Most Important Aspects Of Making Short Films

Short film

A short film means a short motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less. It is a rapidly growing subject that carries both presentation and feature film. Shooting Short films involve low budgeting, and if you are one of them who wants to create something short, attractive and message-full content in … Read more

Why Do Videos Cost So Much?


Whenever we think of doing something new, the first thing that comes to our mind is the cost. We always want to get more facilities at a lower price. When it comes to video production, the concept remains the same; we want to get more videos at a lesser price. Isn’t it? But this strategy … Read more