Promotional Video Production Company: Your Ultimate Guide to Success

Promotional Video Production Company

Promotional Video Production Company: An Introduction In the digital age, a promotional video production company plays a pivotal role in shaping a brand’s image and reputation. But what exactly is a promotional video production company? Simply put, it’s a company that specializes in creating engaging and compelling videos to promote a brand, product, or service. … Read more

List of Top 10 Media Production Companies in India

Media Production

The world of the 21st century is dominated by media production. The number of media in today’s digital space is ever increasing. People across the globe are consuming content through media more than ever. With the growth of technology and the development of communication designs, communication platforms, and data centers, media consumption has increased by leaps … Read more

Top Corporate Film Makers in India

Top Corporate Film Makers in India

The top corporate film makers in India are known for their expertise in making company videos, company ad film, explainer video, promotional videos, product videos and many more. They usually have their own video production company which operates to cater video production services to the clients or organizations, interested in video marketing. Corporate film takes … Read more

Animation Tips And Tricks For Beginners


Animation is the place where you can show your utmost creativity. Successful animations are not produced overnight. A lot of things combine to make a proper animation.  Therefore, an animator needs to understand the basics of animation.   In this article, we will be discussing some of the Trips and Tricks that can take you from … Read more

Which Software is Best For 2D Animation?


Animation is used almost everywhere, from movies and games to advertisements and instructional materials. These programs create and edit animated images using vector and bitmap graphics. 2D animation has been with us for over a century, albeit it is becoming increasingly sophisticated as animators innovate new techniques and blur the distinctions between 2D and 3D. … Read more

How To Create A Whiteboard Animation Of Your Own?


To begin with, many businesses are discovering that whiteboard animation films are one of the most efficient ways to engage with a variety of consumers. Whiteboard animation videos have transformed the advertising and marketing sector. We say this because whiteboard animation videos have been shown to enhance viewer retention by 15% compared to traditional talking … Read more

How To Make An Animated Short Film?


It is simple to begin the animation, but it is challenging to master. Starting with an animated short film is an excellent method to explore animation techniques while developing your “signature” style and creating good animation films. Dubbed material provides people with more variety and access to some of the best entertainment in a language … Read more

History of video production


Video production started in1832, when Joseph Plateau, created the first moving images in his invention called the phenakistoscope (“spindle viewer”). This was followed in 1870, John Wesley Hyatt, who developed and patented celluloid for its use as a base in photographic film. In 1879 came another invention called the zoopraxiscope (pronounced ZOH-uh-PRACKS-uh-scohp ). This was … Read more

How To Write A Video Script For A Corporate Video?


Video script writing is undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing tools accessible. Video has a higher engagement and growth rate than any other form of media. The incredible thing is that producing a video script isn’t as difficult as it might appear. You will require a video script if you’re making a corporate video. … Read more

Digital Video Production Techniques


Many digital marketers, corporate comms specialists, and communicators of all kinds have convinced themselves that digital video content is the enormous, terrifying monster in E-Commerce. With over a billion online social media viewers watching over 500 million hours of digital video per day, social media platforms provide limitless opportunities for digital marketing teams. However, with … Read more