Corporate Training Video and Films

Corporate Training Video and Films

Corporate Training Video and Films

The term “next gen” is something that gets thrown around a lot these days, especially when we talk about the generation of today and the ones that are yet to arrive. We also refer to them as ‘Gen Y and Z’. The jist is, such technical terms are basically used to classify the younger generation and the generations of today that are currently way ahead in their ideas and how they perceive the world. It is an undeniable fact that this group of Gen Y individuals are the ones who are riding the high tide of change in the way the society of today works, which is why they need to be undergoing proper training in order to be the best versions of themselves. In the corporate world of today, the individuals of Gen Y play quite the significant role, as they are perceived as the ones who will take over control when the time comes. This is why, every corporate company seeks to train the talented youth the proper way, in order to shape them up to be corporate giants one day. Sadly, the dignified generation that were brought up through reading are now just passe. The Gen Y and Z individuals are surrounded by a plethora of digital influence, through smarphones, laptops, computers, and whatnot. This is why, the only way to train them up properly is through visual cues. So, in this blog, I’ll be discussing about corporate training films and videos.

Corporate Training Films and Videos – Visual Cues to Train the Young Minds

As I mentioned previously, the individuals of the current generation are surrounded by digital media. This is why, today, videos have become one of the most preferred methods to deliver and perceive content on social media. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. are the biggest proof that this statement is true. This is why, visual cues have become the best way to capture the attention of such individuals and to make them learn things. In the corporate sector, this same method is used to train the employees because such videos captivate their attention and make them receptive towards the various corporate learning programs.

Simply put, corporate training videos or films are basically videos or PowerPoint presentations that act as a training program for corporate employees. Such videos or short films mainly constitute of all the strict corporate content that is supposed to shape up the base of each employee, but instead of a boring lecture, all of it is portrayed to the employees through the means of videos. As a result, the employees stay attentive, they don’t get bored, and they actually learn whatever is being taught to them  through the videos or the films.

Must-Have Features of Training Videos or Films

The corporate employees of today, the talented youth of the new age, consume most of their data or information through videos, which is why corporate training videos are quite efficient. But they can only be efficient if they possess the particular features that make them effective. The employees will only find the videos fruitful if the video conveys to them the lessons and it can only do so if it possesses some specific qualities. Let’s go through the four most important features of training films or videos: –

1) Possessing Learning Goals

Corporate training videos are strictly meant for learning, not for any kind of entertainment. I’m not stating that the videos should be all work and no play, because that would just bore the employees, but that should not be the prime agenda of the video. When you create a corporate training video, you must have crystal clear learning goals, and to attain these goals, you may have 2-5 learning objectives or you can simply put forth learning points in the training video. This can be considered as the base for your video and you can weave a strong storyline around these particular points.

2) Training Strategies

The strategy is how you would like to present the training to the employees. It can be anything from storytelling, discussing various challenges, presenting solutions, using scenarios, guided approach, using role-plays, or various other strategies. This helps to engage the viewers of the video, in your case, the employees, and helps them to find a connection between what they learn and their real life work scenarios.

3) Duration is Important

It is true that the new generation is extremely fond of watching videos and consuming knowledge, but what they lack is patience to sit through them and watch three hour videos at a stretch. Most people skip through these videos like the pages of a book, just to reach the conclusion or to learn about the climax. This is why, duration of the video is a crucial point that you must remember. Try to create bite-size clips or films that will not only keep the employees engaged but will also not eliminate their interest. This way, the training will remain effective.

4) The Visual, Audio, and Animation Elements

Yes, videos are great and they will keep the employees attentive, but no, videos and images are not enough to serve the purpose. The movement of numerous visuals with proper background music or crystal clear audio narration immediately captures the attention of the viewers and keeps them engaged in whatever is being shown in the video.