Types of Corporate Videos and why you need them?


Corporate Videos

As The Jigsaw is one of the best Corporate Filmmakers in India, most of our clients ask us which type of video they should create for their company.

The answer depends on what you expect from videos for your business. Whether you want to increase the conversion rates or build brand awareness or you want to cut down the training cost through training videos?

Only if you add the right message with right kind of video then only the professional corporate videos are going to boost your business. Production of a corporate video should be decided on a strategy that defines a set of targeted or potential audience, the message you want to convey and how you are going to measure the success of your video campaign.

Jodi Harris, one of the best Content Marketing Institutes gives a good rule to choose a corporate video; “Ask yourself if anything about your story would be lost if you tried to tell it without the benefits of visuals and sound.” If yes, then a web, online, training or explainer video could be the beneficial tool for your messaging.

Below is a list of some of the many types of corporate videos that The Jigsaw produces:

Company Presentation Video

PowerPoint videos are now old fashion! Who likes to see long boring slideshows? The concept of the video is creating a revolution in companies as they prefer video presentations instead of PowerPoint slide show.

According to a research Moving visuals with audio are processed 6 times faster by the brain than still images! So you can now imagine how important is Video presentation video to explain the complex concept of your work to your stakeholders!

Here is an entire article on how Video presentation is better than PowerPoint presentation? Hope you will enjoy reading this article too.

Testimonial Videos

Customers have become cleverer now a day and before buying anything they look for reviews of a product. And hence for customers, the review has become an important influential point to buy anything. Let it be expert’s opinion, celebrity endorsement or any online review. These are said to be a social proof for any product. The mentality of customer is that if lot of other people like a product then it must be great.

Thus a real-life customer featuring in Testimonial videos can be served as a great platform for reviews. Testimonial video is a powerful marketing tool that we can have on a website or on social media. So consider testimonial video if you want to boost your websites conversion rates!

Tutorial Videos

About 65% of the world population is visual learners and it is proved by Social Science Research Network. It means that they find it difficult to learn following oral lectures as compare to video lectures. Through tutorial videos, your audience can see and hear your instructions as well as they can pause, review or forward any information whenever they need.

Here complex training can be explained through the combination of animation and voice over which makes the training video more interesting and one can learn at a better speed.

We are from The Jigsaw. If you want to make a corporate video then do contact us.