5 underused Camera features

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When you buy a new DSLR, you might not be knowing features of it. This is the time you get more involved with your DSLR and get to know some of its unused features. At first, you might not even recognize them but they are really important. Once you get to know about these features you will be using them and show your creativity in capturing videos as well as still images. So here are the 5 unused features:

  1. Histogram:

It will instruct you about the exposure, the graph will tell you about the picture is underexposed or over-exposed. Make sure the majority of lines recline just at the center of the graph and least at the either sides.

  1. Picture Style:

If you want your work to be exceptional then avoid being standard all the time and exploit different picture styles by changing the settings. Depending on the shooting location, choose the most suitable picture style which will also define your film. Picture style can actually add thrill and emotions to your still pictures.

  1. Live view:

With live view, one can zoom in on a portion of the subject at maximum x5 or x10 magnification. It’s helpful when you are shooting at night and want to use autofocus or while doing macro work.

  1. Self-timer:

Rely on self-timer to take long exposure shots. Mount your camera on a tripod, or balanced on something, without getting any camera shake. You might get slight camera shake while releasing the shutter button however by the time the self-timer releases the shutter, the image will be sharply focused.

  1. Flash exposure compensation:

You must have observed in camera flash comes too strong and over powering. They make shots look oddly bright and artificial. That’s where the flash exposure compensation feature helps. For example: try -2 for starter and see what you are getting. If you want less light, reduce the value even more. And similarly, you can make it stronger too.

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