How To Make An Animated Short Film?


It is simple to begin the animation, but it is challenging to master. Starting with an animated short film is an excellent method to explore animation techniques while developing your “signature” style and creating good animation films. Dubbed material provides people with more variety and access to some of the best entertainment in a language … Read more

Top Animation Studios in India

Top Animation Studios in India

What is Animation?  Animation is a technique for creating the appearance of movement in a series by shooting consecutive drawings, models, or even puppets. Because our eyes can only hold an image for about a tenth of a second, the brain blends many pictures into a single moving image when they emerge in rapid succession. … Read more

Story Behind The Logos Of Top Animation Studios


The story behind the logos of top animation studios  Walt Disney Animation StudiosĀ  The Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS), or Disney Animation, is an American animation studio that produces animated features and short films for The Walt Disney Company. The company’s animation production logo is a scene from the first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie, released … Read more

How Much Does Animation Cost?


Animation is an amazing way of sharing your message across the world in the form of videos. Animations are fascinating to watch, and this is an excellent way of attracting and engaging audiences. It is an easy eat of presenting Information clearly and entertainingly. Animations can be of different types and styles like character animation … Read more

Types Of Animation Services And What Are The Benefits Of Using Them?

type of animation

At present, almost every brand is using animation services to promote themselves and their products. Brands focus on Combining storytelling, storytelling, and animation techniques to promote their products rather than just using flat images or texts. Types of animation services used by different brands. 2D Animation 2D animation can be described as the most traditional … Read more

What Are The Various Stages Of 2D Animation Production


An animation/cartoon is something which is common to all. There are many kinds of animation 2D animation production, 3D animation Production, Motion Graphics and so on. But today we are going to be focusing on the work done by 2D animation studios. Each one of us here has watched them, drawn them, and even laughed … Read more



Many often watch Disney movies with a lingering thought in their mind about the people who are involved in the making of these movies. There are still others who wish to be those people and hold a fascination for the idea of being involved in the making of these beautiful animations. Walt Disney Animation Studios … Read more


Motion Capture

Motion capture has become a staple in a number of blockbuster movies that we see today. While in its earlier days it would garner shocked expressions and a lot of surprises, today it is so normalized that people are not even shocked at the sight of fully rendered computer graphic characters which prance around the … Read more


2d animation

The field of animation is developing in leaps and bounds, which means animators are facing more time constraints and stricter budgets. It is more important now than ever before for animators to focus their energy productively and do their best to be both effective and efficient. Below, we have listed a few tips and tricks … Read more