Corporate Film Makers

  1. The thumbnail
    The most important factor in making people watch and share your video is the thumbnail. The thumbnail is your shop window. The thumbnail is the little image that encourages the user to commit the next few minutes watching your video. Some YouTubers use a tactic called ‘click baiting’, where they give you a misleading image that is different to the video content. We don’t advise you do this, but thinking carefully about what you are showing is a good place to start.
  2. The duration
    Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. With this in mind, design your video to work for your target audience. For some audiences it is ok to have a 10 minute video, for others 45 seconds is too much. You have to know what is right for your audience. If you get this right and hit the sweet spot of duration then your video will perform well. Get the basics right and the rest should follow.
  3. Content
    The third basic element is the content. ‘Content is king’, as they say, content is everything. If your video has great content then your viewers will share the content. If your video gets watered down with corporate messages then it is less likely to be shared.
  4. Good descriptions
    If you are hosting your video on YouTube, or on your website, make sure the text is written in a way that encourages traffic. On YouTube it is unlikely that the description will ever be read, but, the YouTube search tool picks up all the words in your description.
  5. Video Keywords
    Finally the keywords. These are only specific to YouTube. Keywords are important to search words that your user is looking for, include as many as you can think of. Make them relevant and think about what people search for.

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