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We’re living in the 21st Century, a magical time that often gets too much to handle, right? In this day and age, we often observe that the world is shrinking and time is very less. 24 hours just does not seem enough to do everything that you want to do in a day. Modern innovations and creations have surely made our lives much easier, but have also made us consume more time in what we do. As a result, it just seems like the grains of time are slipping through our hands every minute. If this is the case, do you not want to make the most of every minute and second? I bet you do.

When it comes to businesses, explain your product or service to the audience (consumers) is the most crucial step. But, when you have less time in your hands and lots to express about your products and services, what can you do? A great solution is an animated explainer video. In seconds, you can explain all about your service or product and attract the much-desired attention of your consumers. Now, you must be thinking that what kind of companies offer these services? Well, read ahead to find out all about animated video production companies.

Animated Video Production –What is That?

Wait, wait. Before we jump into talking about animated video production companies, you have to know what animated video production is all about. So, let us move ahead with that first.

Animated video production falls under the type of videos or video productions that are used to introduce any kind of project, company, or a product. These animated videos bring the concept of a company or product to life, captivating the attention of viewers and aiming to educate the particular audience about the product or company. Animated videos are the best way to simplify any complicated opinion or concept in an engaging and fun way, simultaneously humanizing the particular brand too. Well-done and properly created animated videos also help to make a product or company stand out from the rest, doing so by increasing its recognition in the consumer world.

Animated videos are ideal for any kind of company or product that is complex or too significant to explain in words. Such videos are quite entertaining to watch, which is why they help to deliver a message very efficiently and quickly, in a matter of seconds. Since time is so less these days, every second matters. A recent survey carried out by TMG Prospective revealed that consumers were 64% more likely to undertake a positive action after watching an animated video. In simple words, animated video production is one of the best ways to increase your company or product’s sales easily.

Animated videos… hmm. A lot of work, they must be costly!” – Well, not really. Animated video production is a great cost-effective method for portraying your message through a video. The catch is, you need to find the perfect company to provide you with a cost-effective and rich-looking animate video production. Let’s get to that now.

Choosing the Right Animated Video Production Company

Now that you know what an animated video production means, you might even want to make your own video, since it is a great way to increase your profits. The question is, how will you know which company wants your good and will help you in the process? You might think that choosing any company is fine because this is a minor aspect of the whole production, but that’s not the case at all.

There are many factors that go into choosing the perfect vendor for this process. Choosing the right one is extremely important as an inexperienced or corrupt one might just ruin your whole project. Following 5 factors are the critical ones that go into choosing the correct animated video production company, and you should definitely consider them: –

  • Expertise and Quality – Take your time to analyze and evaluate how the company actually works, go through its portfolio, and see if their animations are what you really want.

  • Communication – Communication is integral in any business. Figure out wisely if the company is capable of putting up a smooth communication procedure with your clients.

  • Customization – A custom video is a definite must for you, since it creates a big difference between the rest of the videos and YOUR one. Choose a company that can provide a good custom video(s).

  • Feedback – Reviews, feedback, and comments that are given by various other third parties are also important, especially for reference. Choose a company that has received good reviews and satisfactory comments.

  • Price – Ultimately, your budget is everything. Choose a company that either develops various custom animated videos or template ones, depending on what your budget is.

Benefits of an Animated Video Production Company

Now that we’ve discussed about choosing the right animated video production company, let’s get to the benefits they provide which is ultimately why you should choose them: –

  1. Customizable for Different Types of Audiences

When you’re creating content for a particular audience, it is integral that you possess complete creative control to make sure that your message is loud and clear. An animated video production company employs animation in your branded video, which ultimately helps to pinpoint the buyer personas as well as to develop certain content, curate and designed only for them, all this without the hassle of multiple shoots or a tedious production schedule.

  1. Flexibility

With the help of an animated video production company, your brand can have flexibility, to be either complex or simple, whatever you want it to be. The animated videos can be designed and customized to meet the requirements of a video’s budget. For more scenarios of cost effectiveness, the company can also choose to keep the animation sequences very simple, focusing on simple illustrations or dynamic texts. Companies having a larger budget range can also give you the flexibility to create complex situations that will take the viewers on a spectacular journey.

  1. Extending the Current Marketing Material

One of the advantages of such a company is their ability to use animation through drawing inspiration directly from the brand’s image and utilize the actual logos, color schemes, etc.

  1. Using Voice-over

Animation is quite the easy process, unlike quintessential film shoots, where you can also overcome the hurdle of scheduling various interviews. A good animation production company can help to remove the unnecessary variables and provide an animator who will solely focus on timing the visuals correctly, with background tunes and voice-over.

  1. Conveying Complex Information in a Simple Way

Ultimately, the goal of an animation (or explainer) video production is to portray any complex information or expression in a simple way for the audience to enjoy and understand. Animation video production companies thrive on this, with the help of their expertise you can easily show your consumers about your brand and its services, in a simple yet attracting way.