What Are the 7 Most Common Mistakes in Video Production?

Video Production
Once you have established that you now have the budget to go for a video production for your company, the series of questions and doubts in your head will not stop. For a first timer, being a part of the video production life cycle can sound a bit overwhelming. What should be the main idea? How should we go about writing the script? Where do we begin?

While you are just adjusting to the video production life cycle there are quite many common mistakes that you should be aware of. Read this article to get a good head start by knowing which mistakes you are likely to make and how to go about avoiding them.

1. Not clear on your audience

Defining your audience clearly and having insights about them before you begin production is a must. The audience for your video which will also be called as the target audience will determine a lot of factors in your video. Their age groups like and dislikes among other attributes will be deciding factors for you. Thus if you are not clear about your audience, to begin with, the chances of your video turning out vague and ineffective are very high.

2. No definite purpose

The number of points that a video can put forward is limited. While you are writing a script you should be focussed on what exactly you want to convey and the viewers should get an idea of that in the first 30 seconds itself. Be clear about what your outcomes should be and work and your way backward.

3. Winging it

Following the proper process that is ideal for producing a video is quite necessary because of the importance that every step has. All components of this process like brainstorming, script writing, storyboarding need to be given suitable time and effort.

4. Don’t forget the creative aspect of your video

Producing a good video that conveys the main point of the video efficiently is definitely the primary focus but at the same time, one must not forget the creative aspect of the video. If the video is not going have creative and engaging elements, the viewers will stop watching it and your main point will not go across.

5. Putting your audience to sleep

The video needs to be short and sweet and engaging throughout. The draft needs to edited well like all other forms of writing. The script should be of an optimum length, long enough to convey the main point well and short enough to keep an interest. While in the process of editing, keep your target audience in mind constantly.

6. Not allowing enough time to plan for success

Planning will be crucial to this type of projects like any other. Keeping in mind all the previous points, give enough time to the planning stage of the video. Give each step enough time and choose your resources wisely.

Even when you are choosing a production company, try to choose one that will take care of all the points that are discussed in this article.