Best 4k Cameras Of 2018

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4k is the new standardised HD resolution display. It actually gets its name from the amount of pixels, i.e. it has 4000 pixels horizontally and 2000 pixels vertically. We used to watch standard TV, the CRT monitor that we used to have in the 90s, that had an aspect ratio of 4:3, then came 16:9, and then we moved on to HD with 1280×720 pixels. With full HD, we have 1920 x 1020 pixels but we didn’t stop there, finally came 4k, the 4000×2000 pixels, also known as the ultra HD. So, now we’ll look into some of the best 4k cameras available in the market and list their pros and cons.


  1. Sony cyber-shot RX100 V – it is a premium compact camera, with excellent image quality and advanced 4k video. There’s no touchscreen and is a bit more expensive as compared to its rivals. It has superb 4k footage. It comes with a 24 fps shoot speed. It has 20.1 MP resolution and a 3 inch tilting monitor.
  2. Sony cyber-shot RX10 IV – it might be expensive but is one of the best of you are looking powerful all in one solution. It has an excellent lens and a wide choice of frame rates. However, it has no ND Filter. It offers a resolution of 20.2 MP. This comes with a 3 inch tilting touchscreen. It also has 24 fps shoot speed feature. It has AF-A mode; it switches automatically between single AF and continuous AF. Focus range limiter is also a desirable feature which restricts focus to subjects that are 3m or farther away. It has XGA OLED Tru-Finder with a 2.35 million-dot-equivalent. The tiltable LCD screen has 1.44 million dots. Moreover it is resistant to dust and moisture. It has the capability to share location data on still images via location information link sharing using bluetooth technology. It has one touch remote or one touch sharing. As it has the ability to focus far ahead, your eyes are uncompromised.
  3. Panasonic Lumix G80/G85 – the feature and performance of the Panasonic Lumix G80 make it one of the most attractive, mid range cameras on the market. However, with no headphone port, noise reduction is a little harsh. It is mirrorless and has a micro four thirds sensor size, which produces great results. The sensor has low pass filter.  With 16 MP resolution and 3 inch monitor, it offers 9fps shoot speed. Dual IS mark II that it comes with is very effective. It has 5 axis image stabilisation. It offers a good hand fitting grip. It is weather sealed, hence perfect for your outdoor and travel shoots. It has a high resolution live viewfinder. It comes with an additional versatile 12-60 mm kit lens. It has fast and precise auto focus. You can also do post focus with focus stacking.
  4. Fujifilm X-T2 – with a sensor that delivers pin sharp images, the X-T2 is one of the most desirable cameras available. The 3 inch monitor it has is tiltable, however, it has no touchscreen. It is also mirrorless. The sensor size it comes with is APS-C. It offers a good 24.3 MP resolution. It comes with an 8fps shoot speed. It also is weather sealed for that all weather sturdiness and suitability for outdoor adventure shoots. It slides great with its tagline, creative perfection, as it indeed offers that.
  5. Olympus OM- D E-M1 Mark II – with a full on customisable interface, solid video features, and a higher resolution sensor, the E-M1 Mark II is the most featured camera with Olympus. It comes with a 20.4 MP resolution. It offers a great 60fps shoot speed. It comes with a micro four thirds sensor size and a micro four thirds lens. It consists of a 3 inch free angle monitor, however, it is not touchscreen. It is a mirrorless camera. It has 20 MP live MOS sensor, truepic VIII processor, cinema 4k video, 18fps sequential shooting, 60fps S-AF shooting, 121 point all cross-type on-chip phase detection AF, PRO capture mode, 120fps EVF, 6 ms latency, double SD card slot, dust, splash and freeze proof. Do we need more? Without a doubt a way for us to move into a new world.
  6. Nikon D850 – more versatile than the D810, the D850 is a brilliant SLR. It has full frame CMOS sensor size. It comes with an astounding 45.4 MP resolution. It consists of a 3.2 inch tilt angle touchscreen. It has an optical viewfinder and a 7fps shoot speed. It is more sophisticated than D810 and has a superb AF (auto focus) system. However, no crop feature at 4k and no live focusing view speed. It comes with an epic battery life. It offers exquisite detail with superb image quality in diverse situations. It comes with a 0.75x large optical viewfinder which lets you concentrate more on shooting. The 153-point AF system offers reliable focusing from action to portraits. The 7 fps continuous shooting captures crucial moments with multi power battery pack. The full frame 4k ultra HD video is possible with wide angle lenses, which shoot even in low light. You could make x4/x5 slow-motion movies and make them even more impressive in full HD. High definition Nikkor lenses wide lineup gets the most out of 45.7 MP. It is indeed a difference maker.
  7. Panasonic Lumix GH5 – it is certainly one of the best 4k cameras out there. It has great features for a still photographer. It comes with a 20.3 MP MOS sensor without low pass filter. It offers 5-axis dual image stabilisation within body and lens and allows 5-stop slower shutter speed. The EVS viewfinder is a 0.76x large, 3.680k-dot OLED live view finder. It is mirrorless, comes with a full frame CMOS sensor size. The 12.2 MP resolution is captured with a Sony E mount lens. It has a 3 inch tilting display. It offers a shoot speed of 5fps. It lets you capture unlimited videos in 4k 60p/50p. It comes with a new AF system with advanced DFD technology for moving objects. You can select the perfect shot from 30fps and save it as an 18-megapixel image. Also select from 60fps and save it as an 8-megapixel image. It has 2 SD card slots.