How To Choose The Right Video Production Company?


A video is a great marketing tool for your business as well as it makes a good impression on the viewers. It has become the fastest-growing medium of advertisement in online marketing. It is highly effective in the market if you produce videos correctly and of good quality. If you want to release videos like … Read more

Top 50 Video Production Companies in Mumbai


In the fast-moving modern world where moving images are in everyone’s hands courtesy of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, having a corporate video, motion graphic video, animated video, video for advertising your product or services, and many more such explainer videos have become of the utmost importance. With the fast data transfer becoming the norm … Read more



Videos are one of the most influencing ways to market your brand and business. And initiating your advertisement prospects through this method is an excellent option. But just for the sake of advertisement and promotion, you can’t upload a video that has mistakes omnipresent. Instead, of creating an impact, it will worsen your image. People … Read more



Even though videos have become a large part of the marketing strategy of most brands and companies, there still exists some myths and fear that are associated with it. Below, we list some of the most common myths and the reason they don’t make sense.   Every video must go viral: It is highly unlikely … Read more

4 Skills That A Film Director Must Have

Corporate Film Makers in Mumbai

The duty of a film director is to comprehend a book or a script which is required to be translated into a visual film. This means that a director has to manage all the creative aspects of the production as well as he needs to fulfill the demands of the producers. A director must speak … Read more

Corporate Film Production Companies

Corporate Film Makers in Mumbai

Let’s start this off with a question: If I explained you about the new upcoming iPhone X with an interesting blog post or if I explained the same to you through a 5-minute video, which one would you opt for? I think there’s a clear winner there, that being the latter. This just goes to … Read more

How to Create a Great Script for Video

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Script writing is nothing less than an art even if it is for something as commercial as corporate or marketing videos. This means that writing of a script should not be taken lightly and should be done by a professional. There many layers to a well-written script. If you are looking to hire a professional … Read more

Knock! Knock! Who’s There? Your Camera!


Is film making a hobby of yours? You may also plan of making this as your profession which is amazing! Now the question that arises is how well do you know your equipment? Your camera, lens, Filters etc. It is absolutely important to know about all these things. Different types of films or photographs need … Read more

So You Want to Be a Professional Photographer ?

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Professional Photography can prove to be a very fulfilling and exciting path for a career. The ones who choose to go this way will get the chance of exploring and leading a creative life. However, there’s a lot of competition out there and figuring out your way for going professional can be confusing. There is … Read more

How to make a video for your home page?

How to make a video for your home page? 1

Add some catchy music? Or some unusual characters? Maybe make it brighter? Or shorter? Yes, many companies decided to add a homepage video, but we know how hard it may be to define what you need. That’s why we’ve come up with an article that may help you with this issue. Yes, it’s something new, but don’t … Read more