Letter to Corona



World Under Epidemic



Video based Industry(Zoom,gaming,etc):

Just when you showed up, economy, world’s freedom all has been taken away. But thankfully to us more people have been introduced to us in the recent time than the past years. Because of you Indian companies have progressed one step higher (as work from home wasn’t into practice till yet!).



Video Production Industry:

Sir Corona we would request you to move away now. You have already caused us enough trouble. The movies lined up for March-May has been canceled all because of you, though some small scale productions have also emerged recently.


The above letter-type written content shows the actual position of the Video Production industries. Well it is pretty obvious to see that the video production industry has been hit severely.



But somehow if we cannot grant entire credit to this epidemic but still bit of credit is to be given for helping us spend some quality time with our family members in the present busy days of progressing technology. Talking on a professional scale let us consider the effects of COVID-19 on the video production industry.

Video usage, which was till recent times limited to movies, talk shows has now stretched its bounds to the professional sector as well. By this I didn’t mean, we were unaware of usage of video for professional purpose but intended to tell that it was limited to very few sectors.

A very direct effect of corona can be felt or noticed through the speeches or articles published .The production houses, have been affected adversely with huge losses but eventually they have also found innovative ways to keep content flowing. In the recent days, when the whole population is under lockdown, videos are being made at small scale without complex camera’s and lightings. These have emerged and shown the importance of content over graphics. New ways have come up where people shoot from home and send the video’s for edit to the video houses.(helps save money too)-video collaborations.

Increased media consumption (Online)

With more people staying home, self-isolated and quarantined, it has led to an increase in the online media consumption. This has resulted in an increase in the entertainment sectors such as video on demand and gaming. With every progressing day the amount of app downloads and mobile usage has also peaked.


The outbreak has drastically helped in the betterment of the digital market.

Video display of content through acts or actions has always had an upper hand over voice or written contents. Videos help in establishing a connect among the people. Face to face interactions on a personal as well as professional scale has always ended up in success and content or information shared being perfectly received , especially for the leaders of Big Giants who acknowledge the elephant in the room.


The one and the only effective way a person can be seen, heard and known is through Videos.

All thanks to such reasons various video related platform like Zoom, Skype have shown a huge leap in its usage in the past few months(due to work from home).People have found an effective and efficient way of going about meets, business talks and various other profession related work in these Dark Horses. Videos can completely take over presentation style of companies. We, the Indians are getting introduced to this concept of digital interaction on a regular basis which will help us in the long run. The India of today will show a huge progress once this outbreak comes to an end.

With every data online in video format, the companies can out-show content and move along this trend of digital marketing. Thus, forcefully or on their own, each sector is being introduced to digital way of interaction is a way this epidemic is taken positively.


Traffic Growth or Decline trend (2019-2020)IMG_256

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Going with the above mentioned data it can be seen that with COVID-19 the media sector has been most profited with. Thus, video houses must use this time to expand. Digital media platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime have used this opportunity perfectly so now it is time for production houses to join them and turn this situation to their advantage.


The above write-up was just one side of the coin, considering the other: The virus has hit hard on production insurance companies. Many have refused to cover programs against Covid-19 because of the growing financial threat.

Producers are left in an inevitable and complex scenario where they have to take a single stand of either to go ahead or to delay until things or conditions change, causing a domino effect throughout the industry.

The worst part being, even if this virus is decremented or its spread slows down still businesses are going to struggle for over a year in compensating its losses.

Thus, I have shown you both the sides of the coin. Now it’s totally up to you on which side to use.

**though have more of positive points because in times like such, an optimistic mind will prevail, thinking or talking about too much negative will leave us nowhere.


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Stay Safe!!