Promo videos are essential when it comes to marketing these days. They offer a powerful method of getting your brand noticed. This is partly because a video is one of the most powerful tools to ensure people see you, especially as it’s visual and engaging which makes it memorable.

There are of course plenty of styles of videos to choose from, but showcasing your company through promo videos can be the best way to ‘show off’.


Don’t be afraid to be different. You want people to remember you and share your content. Having promo videos that shout about what you do, who you are working as a selling tool. Making it memorable is a key component.

Work with your video production company, and ask their advice. They’ll have the knowledge and experience to be able to help you understand how to make your video/idea better. You can call us for help.

SEO, SEO, SEO. Your video needs to be SEO friendly. Make sure you think about the title of your video on YouTube, use hashtags on Twitter, and share it as much as possible.


Your script. As one of the key elements of your video, it has to be engaging and informative. We always advise our clients to be friendly but educational.

Make notes on what you want to say. Which messages do you want to impart and which parts of your branding can you showcase in those words?

For it to be truly engaging, your delivery should be fun and upbeat, as opposed to boring and droll. Try to use the same tone as you might use when speaking with a friend.

One way to tell whether your script is suitable is to read it out loud before you use it in the video. You may even want to record it so that you can play it back to listen to how it sounds. Once you’re happy with this, then it’s time to move onto the visuals.


This is where we come in. The coolest promo videos contain outstanding visuals, editing and sometimes a touch of animation. We can create you a video with all the bells and whistles that will keep it engaging and memorable.

The Call To Action

Driving action is a critical point that should be in every great video. After all, you want viewers to be transformed into long-term clients so that you can provide them with your services or products. A call to action is essential!

Your viewers need to be directed to visit your website, connect with you on social media or buy your product. It’s so essential that you make the best of the spend on the video and that is the point of making promo videos, right?


Before you release your promo to the world, get feedback from friends, family, and others – ideally, those who are unfamiliar with your business so that you can get an honest opinion on how effective it’s likely to be. Do they ‘get’ your points? Do they feel compelled to take action after seeing it?

When you are in the woods, it’s hard to see the big picture for the trees. Asking for an outside perspective can help you to ensure that it’s going to effective.


Now is the time to put it out there for everybody to see. Embed it in your website and blog and spread it over your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts.

If you’ve worked with us and put the effort into making something incredible, then you’ll start getting results that you’ve been hoping for. Contact us The Jigsaw today for a chat and we can get the tape rolling to make you one of the best promo videos ever!