The technology has given us so many new things and one of them is video. In this digital age, we watch so many videos. But due to technological advancement, we watch them slightly differently as before. New platforms are emerging day by day and thus we are watching them differently on different platforms.

Because of the new updates in video hosting platforms of auto-playing, it is more likely the video in front of you will start automatically and that too without sound. So what is the way to grab audience attention? Or at least make a way so that your video is reachable to the audience who can’t listen to the sound for whichever reason?

“At any cost, you can’t afford to ignore subtitles as they have become one of the important elements of the modern video.”

You need to start thinking about videos with subtitles.

  • According to a stats, about 65% of the Facebook videos are viewed through mobile. Now consider a situation in which you are browsing Facebook in the bus, in the train or in office and you forgot to bring your headphones and still want to watch a particular video! So here is the solution. You can still watch the video if subtitles are provided in that video.
  • You’re at your office table. You see an interesting video on YouTube; however, you don’t wish to look like you’re watching that video instead of operating. However what if you may still watch that fabulous shot testimonial video and scan the content subtitles simply open the gates of viewing capability.
  • You will feel crazy about the next stats but yes it’s true. About 85% of the Facebook videos are played in silence! This stats alone show that you go out and start placing subtitles on your videos that have any sort of talk or piece of camera.
  • Remarkable video content is a key, but making your video accessible and attractive is even more important. If you are not providing everyone the best chance to watch what you have made, then what is the point of creating the video in the first place?

Here at The Jigsaw, we make videos that get reach and are attractive. The subtitle is just one of the ways helping you out. So, get in touch with one of our team right now and find out many other ways of making your video engaging!