Content is the king for every advertisement or corporate video. If the content is not good then welcome to the flop show! Here are some of the rules that one should follow to become a good writer.

Remember this: “Writing is not enough, you have to be creative”

Write, Write and Write!

Try to keep a track on your writing each day and improve the stats day by day. Writing more will let you open and you will get to know your caliber. As you write, you get flare in expressing yourself with beautiful vocabulary. It is perfectly said by Stephanie Allain that the more you write and the more you free yourself from outside expectation and the more you freely express yourself, that’s how you’ll start to find your authentic voice.

Be a Passionate Writer

You can’t write when you want but you write when you have to. Show your compassion for the words and phrases and ask yourself after every paragraph if you have said what you really wanted to say in simple & minimal words. Feel the essence of your content. Once you make writing your passion, you won’t have to take out time for it but it will happen habitually.

Let your imaginations fly high

Don’t hesitate to write what you have imagined. It is always a best practice to write with an open imagination. To tell a great story you need to let your observations flow and imagine your characters &s places. Explore and experience your inner virtues by articulating your content in best possible way. Write what you first imagine as soon as you think about something.

Make rewriting a habit

You might write badly at first, this is why it is advised to rewrite. You write, rewrite, and then rewrite until you are satisfied. Polish your script so you feel it is so good that there’s nothing else you can do. You might notice it yourself; even the best writings of yours would have scope of rewriting. While rewriting, you get to know where you have to emphasis further and what things need to be said in a different way.

Write your heart out

You have to write about what you feel, what you care, and what you want to share with your readers. Don’t always strive for perfection otherwise you will start doubting yourself much before you write. Share your ideas, emotions, feelings in a flow. Filtering of thoughts may lead to forcible writing which is not a true writing. A true writing comes when you write like you bleed. Don’ think, just write.

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