Should I Make A Funny Corporate Video?


A sense of humor is has become essential in our day-to-day lives as it helps to relieve stress, which makes us relax and can really lift our moods. Who doesn’t love a funny video? So it is very much likely that a lot of corporate businesses desire to make a funny video.

Behind this, there is a good reason too. As everyone loves funny and humorous videos are much more likely to be shared and go viral than non-funny ones. Think about it – how many of the viral videos have you seen that are not planned to make you laugh? It is not just about going viral either. Humour, when executed properly, can really bring your video to life and it can inject a few your companies personality into the video. However, if you do want to make a funny corporate video, you should proceed with caution as they are very difficult to get right.

“Anyone should be very alert while creating a funny corporate video; they are very tough to get right.”

It is a risky business to create a funny video as there are a lot of points that can go in a negative way. So following are some points you should take into consideration before you start creating a funny corporate video.
Don’t do it for the sake of it

If you feel like you want to create a funny corporate video just for the sake of it, you should maybe reconsider. If you don’t know what you are making it, how will you know if it’s doing its job? You’re just going to run the risk of damaging your company’s reputation, as well as wasting a lot of money.
Consider Your Audience

The product is for the audience. So do consider the target audience! Think twice that the target audience will accept and love the concept of funny video or not? Sometimes the audience can also think that funny videos will be unprofessional and will not take your video seriously.
Hire a professional script-writer

So now you have decided that you want a funny video. All the corporate video is about professions. So hire a professional content writer who can turn a professional script with a good sense of humor and make it funny. You can think that you have a good humor and can write an amazing funny script but it may not be funny as you think! The professionals will work with your ideas and will help come up with something suitable and, more importantly, will tell you if you have a bad idea. Whilst this might hurt your feelings, it’s better to face this reality than having a catastrophic corporate video failure on your hands.

Don’t lose sight of your message

One error that most of the companies make when they are creating a funny corporate video, is they miss the prospect of the message they want the video to convey. The reason behind this is only that the script is focused to be funny. Always ask to you while making this video “what’s the purpose of the video and what is the message from the video?”

Regularly we, at The Jigsaw, get customers who ask us to make funny videos. Our answer is always “yes, but walk carefully.” If you want to make a funny video it should be right with no compromise.