How Music Can Enhance Your Video Footage

audio tracks

One of the major differences between your corporate video being a flop or going viral is adding music or sound to it. It’s not just adding any tune to your corporate video and hoping that your corporate video will do an outstanding job on social sites or even on your websites. So it is very much important to think twice before adding any sound to your corporate video as it will be the soul of your video.

It makes sense if your budget raises little up for music and sound in your corporate video when the video is made for promoting your company or selling any new product.

Sound and Music can:

  • Strengthen your company message and dictate how the audience understands your company.
  • Help you to vary the speed of your video – Silence blocks can be seen as decelerating things down while sound can carry audiences through a specific section.
  • Make the corporate video as memorable by adding feelings rather than just an edited video clip.


Common Music & Video Mistakes

Adding music and sound to your corporate video is a great idea but still, there are some mistakes that everyone tends to make. Firstly they select a soundtrack or music that irritates a lot of their audiences or does not seems well with their company product. That’s why you require spending some of your valuable time getting the right soundtrack.

Another major issue is adding copyrighted music in your corporate video. You need to take permission of the owner of that music to add music tracks in your video otherwise you will open yourself for a law suit. Some of the businesses think that they will get away from the copyrighted issue but they are going to pay for it! This can be true till the video does not go viral. But when the video goes viral you will have to pay some of your profit share which you made from that corporate video.

Involving a Video Production Company

Employing services of any good video production company is the best way ensuring the sound and music for your corporate video to enhance rather than detracting from your message in the corporate video. They can handle may issues right from licensing, giving artistic looks, to copyrighted issues. Following are the questions they can ask for making a corporate video:

  • What type of music best sums up your brand?
  • Do you want something uplifting with a crescendo? Or music that is a little more reflective?
  • Do you want a particular type of music like hip-hop, soul or rock?
  • What style of mood does one need to create? However, can it assist you to deliver your message additional effectively?
  • What really fits well with your brand?


If you are not a knowledgeable person in how a piece of sound can affect a video, the valuable news is that most video production firms these days not only have a collection of usable soundtracks but can modify their music to meet your requirements. Get it properly made and your audience will be more interested while watching the video. Therefore having a perfect combo of sound, music and delivering message could see your video go viral and reach a much larger number of people.