If you think that setting up and running a video production studio is fun and easy then you made a mistake. It is surely fun but it is not exactly easy. You need strong passion and aim at continuing the business despite the challenges you face. Firstly, it is better to find congenial people to help you setup the studio like friends who share the same interest or a person who is already running a studio of his own. If you wish to do it alone here we are, with tips to help you setup the studio. All the equipment is available for different budgets. So it takes only your interest to start the video production studio. One should have the knowledge of different softwares and hardwares to successfully run the studio.A modern camera is the essential instrument you need if you are setting up a studio. If you are rich there are many cameras out in the shops, choose wisely. But if you are on budget be wiser in selecting your camera. A camera costs low will not have all the features you wish for. Canon PowerShot SX730, Sony FDRAX33, Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G7KK DSLM are the few good cameras for doing vlogs. You can choose other camera according to the type of videos you are going to record. Not only the cameras, even smartphones can also be used for making videos. The cameras have more features compared to that of phone. But if you are really tight on budget, you have no choice. You can also rent cameras.


A tripod is used to stabilize the camera. You can even take videos without the tripod. But using tripod makes video look good. If you cannot afford a tripod you can use shelf or a flat object and arrange it to your level. Tripods have three legs and come with different height levels. They are very important for photography if you want the image to still (no blurring). Few tripods are camera specific. AmazonBasics 50 inch and 60 inch tripods, Photron tripod stedy 450, Simpex 333 tripod, Benro T600Ex digital tripod kit are some of the best tripod kits to use while shooting a video. A teleprompter can be used if you are afraid that you may skip a few sentences. When a phone or iPad are connected to teleprompter, it displays the content in the phone or iPad on the mirror. You can read from the teleprompter and look as if you are looking at the camera.

Light is the most important thing while taking photographs and video. Take the videos in an environment with good lighting. If you are taking the videos outdoor, Sun will help you in providing the light. But if you are inside room then you have to use the lighting equipment to adjust the lighting. The lighting equipment consists of camera with barn doors, photographic umbrellas, softboxes, dimmers, adapters. Using this equipment light can be focused on a particular area, light can be diffused, the light can be distributed uniformly on a object that has to be focused. You should know about the heights and angels at which light has to placed to get a good video. Fovitec studioPRO, LimoStudio 700-Watt, StudioFX 2400-Watt, Julius studio kit are some of good lighting kits available online for sale.

Using green sheets for the background gives evenness and consistency to the video. The contrast can be adjusted without difficulty. And you need not worry about the shadows. Using green sheets is useful when you have add graphics to your video. Using graphics one can choose any background. The sheets are kept in place with the mounts. The green sheet is lit evenly with a light focused on it. We can paint the wall green as it is durable but it becomes difficult to focus the light on the wall. The person standing in front of the green sheet should not be wearing green color.


The cameras also record sound, but using a lapel microphone will make the sound more clear. The sound can be adjusted to the level that you want for the video. There are wireless microphones but they are costly. Using a good quality microphone is important while recording a video. The sound recorded using the camera will not be clear. Avoid using things that reduces the sound or echos the sound. Thermocol echos the sound and sofa cushions dampens the sound. Use noise removers for the microphone. Don’t use the microphone too close to your mouth or too far away. Shure SM93, AZDEN EX503, Rode smart lavalier microphone are the some best quality microphones.


Next comes the post production. Post production is mostly the software part of the video production studio. In this phase the video is edited and changes are made to output the final video which can be uploaded. The apple products have the apps for video editing already inbuilt. There are so many other softwares that you can purchase online. iMovie, HitFilm editor, AVS video editor, adobe and pinnacle editors are few of the options. And there are already videos on youtube where you can learn how to use the softwares. Editing is where you check the contrast, and other things. All the graphics needed is added in this part of the video production. Choosing a good graphic design software and hiring a good graphic designer will helpful. The motion graphics is added in this phase.