What is Video Codec?

 What isCodec‘?

 For any kind of data transmission two encoding & decoding are required.This is a codec.

A look at the types of Codecs.

 There are two types of codecsaudio & video.

The “codec” can be dividing into 2 parts: encode and decode. The encoder performs the compression (encoding) function and the decoder performs the decompression (decoding) function.

An audio codec is a device or computer program capable of coding or decoding a digital data stream of audio.

The term “video codec” in seen in articles and some new product’s debut, especially in the video editing or converting programme.What is VIdeo Codec

More about Video Codec.

 A video codec is a device or computer program for encoding or decoding a digital data stream or signal.It encodes a data stream or a signal for transmission and storage, possibly in encrypted form, and the decoder function reverses the encoding for playback or editing.

 A video codec is an electronic circuit or software that compresses or decompresses digital video. It converts a raw (uncompressed) digital video to a compressed format or vice versa.


  Video codecs are used in DVD and video CD players and recorders, video broadcast systems, personal computers, and a variety of other applications. In particular, they are widely used in applications that record or transmit video, which may not be feasible with the high data volumes and bandwidths of uncompressed video.

    Video Codecs are used in videoconferencing, streaming media, and video editing applications.

Commonly used Video Codecs

  • 265/MPEG-H HEVC codecs….E.g. x265
  • 264/MPEG-4 AVC codecs….E.g. QuickTime.
  • 263/MPEG-4 Part 2 codecs….E.g. MPEG-4
  • Microsoft codecs. …Windows Media Video

Codec Pack

    Online video material is encoded by a variety of codecs, and this has led to the availability of codec packs.They are a pre-assembled set of commonly used codecs combined with an installer available as a software package for PCs, such as K-Lite Codec Pack.

Some useful references…

  1. Video codecs standards
  2. History of main codecs
  3. AMD Media Codec

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