Why Your Business Needs Video Testimonials

Corporate Film Makers
With us entering into the media crazy era, everything and everyone is hell bent on getting publicity, be it of any kind. Publicity has become the sole purpose of our existence, in most of the cases. Nobody wants to end up in ignorance. To highlight the need for publicity in marketing industry, we need to sweat ourselves out and go out there to prove ourselves to the people, particularly customers or clients, without it you are worth nothing. Having testimonials in the video is one of the most effective and appealing mode of marketing nowadays. A good corporate video has to have certain key elements, mainly video testimonials, which make it stand out amongst a flood of good quality corporate videos. It has to offer something unique that makes people acknowledge it for a long time. Difficult but not impossible. It has been noticed that script is the most integral part of any corporate video. Without a strong, connecting script at its core, a corporate video might lack lustre. Having that emotional connect, striking that chord with the audience is the most sought after aspect in the marketing industry. Business persons have begun to capitalise on this fact and here we have a slew of corporate videos trying to establish that emotional connect with the viewers. Now companies invest in long haul ideas instead of short haul ideas. They want to make it a memorable experience for the customer not a momentary thing. Video testimonials stand right on the cusp of this scenario and definitely rise above all other factors required for an appealing corporate video.

People prefer to do business with a person they know, like and trust. Without a doubt the most powerful sales tool a company can have is a satisfied customer. When they write reviews for your company and compliment your products and services, those are powerful words which build up your reputation. Videos make those comments even more powerful. Through a video, the prospective customers can hear and see the excitement and positive emotions your existing customer has for you or your company. With each testimonial video you have you gain more credibility in the eyes of the prospective customer. They are getting to know you, starting to like you and they are feeling like they can trust you. With this development chances of them doing business with you increases tremendously. It is necessary to remember that consumers depend on reviews when shopping and they also love videos. Video testimonials give them both at the same time. There is no comparison between words and videos. Visuals provide a holistic view of a company, brand or product.

Now that we have realised the advantages that a video testimonials offer us for our business, let us take a look at some more reasons as to why we need to consider video testimonials.

  1. Increase of sales – you’ll definitely witness an increase in sales if you consider going for video testimonials. It is going to increase the number of customers for sure. They help in providing useful information to prospective customers and allow them to analyse whether they should invest in a particular company or not. Testimonials can be very convincing as they are genuine and real.
  2. You’ll be more trusted and reputable – including video testimonials on your website can prove to be highly beneficial. As video testimonials present a holistic view of the existing customers, it always helps new customers get a clear overview of the product or company.
  3. They will know about your customer base – video testimonials provide information about your customers along with providing information about the product and the company. Knowing that the company is backed by genuine, happy customers always enhance the image of the company or brand. Once people see that your customers have had good experiences with your product, they tend to believe and thus, placing their trust in doing business with your company.
  4. Provides useful information – there might be some traits of a product that might not be directly reflected in social campaigns, ads or anywhere else. Such traits can only be inferred by experience. One who has used the product or have had a relationship with the company can only provide such information. Here video testimonials play a critical role as they shape the company’s image in the prospective customers’ minds based on their experiences, making it genuine. The prospective customers, through such video testimonials, will know more about the product or company than browsing the website of that particular company.
  5. Viewers of video testimonials will become customers – this is the reason, why having great video testimonials is essential for growth in your business. People are easily influenced through visuals. They are more appealing and hence, more effective in putting across the message you want to convey about your company. The brand image is best portrayed through visuals and video testimonials are really an integral cog in the wheel of business growth.
  6. Concern for genuine feedback – video testimonials effectively portray that a company is concerned about having genuine feedbacks from their existing customers. It shows the consideration the company puts in to showcase their true image to the prospective customers. Their concern for details and the mere thought of putting out video testimonials on their website provides a positive message to consumers. A positive, considerate image goes a long way in the marketing industry. Video testimonials help achieve this longevity in the business world.

Thus, we can understand the varied advantages of video testimonials and their requirement in today’s business world. Achieving monetary growth is temporary, one quarter a company might grow and the other, it might plunge. But establishing an emotional connection and trust with your customer base provides for a gradual increase in sales and moreover, a steady growth rate. Thus, video testimonials are essential to realize your business goals and for you to come out shining amongst a crowd of money mongers in the garb of businessmen. A true business person strives for long term benefits, like trust and emotional connect with the audience base. It ensures longevity in today’s turbulent times. One needs to have a strong core to back it up. A core of customers who are loyal to the brand and truly believe in and support the principles or ideology followed by the company.