Why Explainer Video Works

Explainer videos are the type of videos that are used by the company is to give brief information regarding the products or services. Professionally made explainer videos are the most reasonable explanation for the ideas. Existence of numerous Video explainer agencies justifies the fact that videography is very important in business expansion. Choosing the right agency to produce your product video will broadly impact your sales and brand image.

2D animation explainer video keeps the product or the concept behind, attractive and attention-grabbing. This explainer videos, a combination of visuals and informative audios that contribute toward building the brand image by reaching out the best possible and understandable manner.  These videos help significantly in increasing conversion rates by explaining about the business, product or the services in details. Various video explainer agencies can be reached out easily via the internet that is engaged in producing such 2D animation videos for clients.

Listed below are ten 2D explainer videos that are an example of brand promotion:-

1) TheJigsaw Production

Explainer video for TheJigsaw video production company has been very brilliantly produced. The voiceover has been done in Hindi, to increase connectivity with the audience. The vibrancy and liveliness have enhanced by colorful animation. The entire process of video production has been explained in very simple language.

2) Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga is an Australian cooking oil brand that has been launched in India. Its 2D explainer video shows how this oil is the right choice to stay healthy. The 2D animation video has been released in part of series to educate the consumers against the harmful effects of the chemicals that are used in preparing cooking oil from various seeds and how Wagga Wagga is different from such harmful preparations. It promotes the product as it is being prepared from the seeds grown in a healthy environment, free from pollution and chemicals. Also, it shows the benefits of consuming the cooking oil that is packed in close proximity where its seeds are grown. Video aims at influencing homemakers to indulge in buying this oil which has various health benefits by explaining the entire concept in this animation video.

3) D’ Mart

This explainer video explains the benefit of pick-up point service that has been recently launched by D’Mart, a large retail chain in the Indian suburbs. The 2D animation explainer video highlights the benefit of the service keeping up with the brand tone. Also, the video aims at creating awareness about this newly launched service. Under the service, the brand has been providing the facility to pick up your order placed via the app at the site at the closest point near you. This enables to save the money and time which would be consumed in visiting the store. This short video explains how this service would benefit the clients on their online shopping from the range of products.

4) AD2C

This is the mobile marketing agency floated by Japan-based D2C and Affle Group of companies now acquiring MobiMasta , one of the first mobile agency in India. The brand aims for creating a mobile solution for its clients by spreading knowledge via mobile advertising. The brand has used 2D animation technique to promote mobile usage by every segment and strata of society in different aspects of contemporary life be it dating, cooking, renting or working.

5) Roxid

The animation video has been produced by TheJigsaw video production company in the public interest. It explains the effects of medicines especially antibiotics on human. The video gives details regarding impetigo spreading the kids and how oral suspension Roxid helps to fight against it.

6) Save Grains

Save grains is a revolutionary grain storage bag that uses green technology. These bags are a very cost-effective solution that has been tailor-made for the farmers in the domestic users so that they can store food grains, seeds, beans, spices, herbs, the floor at any level be it farm, shop, home, or warehouse. The grains bags are capable of protecting the content from infestation organically without using any harmful chemicals. Video provides all the information about how the farmers can use the bag to store grains for up to 2 years without any loss in quality or quantity. It also explains how the bags’ aerobic maintenance feature prevents any moisture loss.

7) Securens

This well-produced video shows how the Securens security monitoring system helps to keep watch on business even from the remote off locations. It explains how Securens, the e-surveillance partners can make the task of checking the hygiene maintenance, closing and opening of retail outlets, commissary, and fine dining restaurants can be done. It explains the functioning of this surveillance partner for having a deeper look into various aspects of the business.

8) P D Hinduja Hospital Mumbai

The video produced by TheJigsaw video production company explains how insulin produced in the body, function. It also explains how the blood sugar level in the body can be maintained and managed. The animation video very effectively gives details regarding how to lead a healthy life preventing diabetes.

9) HDFC mutual funds

HDFC mutual funds wanted to create this series of promotional and educational explanatory videos using and watching which the investor can understand the way the various investment concepts. The 2D short video explains the need for finance and financial planning various ages of the human age cycle. It shows how right financial planning can help you fulfill all your goals and dreams. it explains kind of investment tenure HDFC MF is providing and how it will help you materialize your goals.

10) InLocus App

Operates in the space between human psychology, robotics, and machine learning and enables influencing people’s emotions and behavior. Its 2D animation video is self-explanatory about how to use the app for detecting exact locations of the people, places or things in your close proximity through your gadgets like mobile phones or tablets.

Takeaway on 2D explainer videos

Video marketing is gaining threshold is the best way to reach the branch to the right audience, grabbing their attention and influencing the conversions. 2D animation explainer videos are effective tools for boosting sales. These videos give the animated product demo and have the ability to connect and communicate in a more understandable manner with the people interested in the same. The visual method of telling stories helps to turn the viewer into the customer without calling upon the budget of the brand heavily. Video explainer service in Mumbai can be easily availed through various agencies. TheJigsaw is one such renowned name in this field with headquarter in Mumbai that is involved in producing videos for big brands like Future Group, Nokia, Tata AIG and many more.