Corporate videos are created to be shared with the public in which the focus is on the brand, company, its culture, and how the company treats its employees as a whole.

A few reasons why a corporate house need corporate videos are:-

  1. Building brand credibility among the general public by emphasizing on the company’s history and its relationship with the employees
  2. Explains in a visual way what has been explaining on the website in textual format.
  3. It allows the site visitors to have an insight into the company profile. Usually, various employees or the certain functional units of the company are projected in such videos.
  4. Corporate Videos can make a better connection with the viewers in comparison to the website written content
  5. Corporate videos can be shot with different approaches such as having jocular tone, in the inspirational or motivational mode, depicting how corporate house plays a role in touching the lives across the country. Depending on what and which kind of impression has to be created about the company among the people, the corporate video concept has to be chosen and accordingly the video can be created by renowned video producing company.

Certain tips have to be kept in mind if you are into corporate videography and want to create a corporate video for high profile brands:-

1) Prepare the proper outline of the message that has to be conveyed in the video
Corporate Video revolves around the corporate house as a whole. These videos are considered as an asset for the company as it enables to increase the brand value effectively communicating and representing the company at the national level. The Corporate video’s concept cannot afford to be including a piece of exaggerated information. Basic fundamental working behind the good video is to keep the video focused on how much the company is into social services, what awards it has won, and its role in the upliftment of the nation. Viewers will be bored if the video is more about providing the impressive statistics of the company.

2) Try to have a precise and clear message conveyed in the beginning and end sentences of the video. In between, there should be a creative concept that relates to the message.

3) It is always better to focus on one particular objective because only then the script can be more emphasized and focused. Don’t try incorporating unnecessary visual effects in the corporate video because the main aim of the video is to create brand awareness and its ability to connect with the masses. Over or lower enthusiasm will result in faking your viewers, which will adversely impact the brand power. Right information narrated in the relatable format results in more clients, their trust, and also looks professional.

4) Video format should be apt
It is essential to choose the correct video because these videos will be engaging with the viewers emotionally. Providing an enticing story would open up mindset’s door towards the prospect of the company. The storyline is always a better concept than an interview because an interview might appear boring.

5) Adding subtitles to the storyline narrated in the video would maximize its impact on various portals where you would be showcasing the videos such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

6) Even the length of the video matters a lot because longer videos will not be able to create the desired impact. 1-3 minutes video suffice for showcasing the main objective behind the video.

7) Evaluate every possible aspect relating to video
It is essential to evaluate what are your target audience and the main objective behind the video. There are no hard and fast rules for corporate videography as basically such videos aims at business presentation or brand promotion as a whole or promoting one aspect of the diversified business of the company. Corporate videos are showcased on a national level; every aspect of the shoes should be well defined be it location, type, camera movements, shooting angles, etc.


8)  Choosing the perfect location create a compelling impact on video viewers. Location Choice depends upon budget and the project. The choice of the indoor shoot or the outdoor location should be determined only after close examination of the storyline to be conveyed.
corporate9) The costume during the video shooting is also essential. A well-established business house or a law firm corporate video should be done in the formal wears whereas if the company is new or startup, casual wears like jeans would also do. If the CEO or the directors of the company are featured in the video, they should be in the formal wear, and the employees can be in their work uniform.

10) The video should be well complemented with the right kind of music in the background. The basic concept behind creating a corporate video is to have an emotional connect with the audience. So, it is always better to use music in the beginning and towards the end as this will set the tone in the viewer’s mind. Also, the budget for the music is the constraint for creating a corporate video. An original jingle might fit the budget, but using real music will cost a good deal as license fees would have paid for.

The bottom line for the perfect corporate video


Bad lighting and sound condition can adversely affect the video quality of the corporate house. So, it is always better to work on the sound quality of the video, which would be excellent. Every dialogue delivered in the video should be heard clearly, and no jargons or corporate terms should be used. Low lighting conditions feel very unprofessional so, always check out the lighting equipment and lighting conditions while shooting videos, be it corporate video for small business or big business houses.

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