30 Best Video Websites Like YouTube

When we talk about video websites, the first thing that strikes our mind is YouTube. It is undoubtedly the most go-to video website for all of us, but other websites serve the same purpose. The content creators, Digital marketers, and brands should all be aware of these video websites to improve their content and reach all the available platforms.

In this article, we’ll talk about 30 such video websites which are similar to YouTube.

30 best video websites like YouTube


30 Best Video Websites Like YouTube 2
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IGTV is one of the latest video uploading platforms, which seems to be a great competitor to YouTube. This platform is specially made for mobile users. I can see the videos posted there While scrolling the app. The videos come in vertical mode and are full screen. IGTV allows the users to upload videos for up to 60 seconds. Does it give the content creators an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents in the form of IGTV videos? The popularity of IGTV has considerably increased since its launch. Many creators who will still upload the videos on YouTube are now uploading the same videos on IGTV to respond better.


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Wistia is not strictly made to watch videos online; it is an excellent platform for hosting videos. These are mainly used for video marketing campaigns and can give up great competition to YouTube in this regard. Many digital businesses use the Wistia platform to share their case studies, portfolios, and other stuff.


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This is another platform quite similar to YouTube and has a similar kind of interface and features. It allows you to watch trending videos And is flexible regarding the copyright policies in compassion to YouTube.


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To Netflix is not a platform to host videos like YouTube, but it gives good competition to the platform. It provides a streaming service to the subscribers and also recommends shows based on their previous ratings. It is It has a diverse set of audiovisual contents. Some of the movies and series produced here have also won prestigious awards.


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When talking about video websites that are similar to YouTube, Metacafe cannot be excluded. It is an entertainment site launched in 2003 and is thus older than YouTube, which came into a picture in 2005. 

Metacafe can be better called a platform for short videos for daily users.


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Twitch can only be considered a good option for you if you are a gamer or you are into gaming. This video platform is meant for streaming competitions of Esports or videos by individual gamers. The feature that stands out of this particular video platform is its ability to build digital communities around its content.


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 Movies are one of the oldest platforms meant for video hosting. This can be a beneficial platform for businesses as it provides a massive range of video marketing tools. This particular video platform also claims that it is 70% faster compared to other platforms. The most remarkable feature of the bright cove is the HTML5 video player.


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You would be entirely wrong if you assume that DTube is just any platform similar to YouTube. The season kind of platform is decentralized and uses a system of social blockchain where interactions of every user are end-to-end encrypted. The platform is censorship-free which also means that whatever is posted there remains there forever.


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PeerTube is a video hosting platform that is also decentralized though It is different in comparison to DTube. It uses a peer-to-peer system that helps users create a server for their content or particular users. This sever is called an instance and can be independently maintained with the help of different administrators.


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This is one of the most recently launched OTT platforms which gained a lot of popularity. It had 10 million subscribers on the very first day. This platform is known for offering movies, TV series, Television shows Of the subsidiary companies like ABC signature, FOX network groups, etc.


Ultron can be considered as a newcomer to the industry of video platforms. This platform has fewer restrictions can YouTube and thus can be called user-friendly. People might find it challenging to sponge for their favorite videos on YouTube due to the genre, but it is flexible.


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Crackle is a website meant for online streaming That features Hollywood movies, TV series, and original shows. Some of the site’s actual content has even earned critical acclaim. Some of the well-known TV shows in crackle are The Ellen Show, Peep show, Hell’s Kitchen, etc.

Facebook Watch

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Facebook also provides a bunch of video content for its users to watch. Though it doesn’t come with an option to subscribe, and one can not find content that quickly like on YouTube, it does allow the users to scroll through and watch video content.

The Internet Archive

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Old is gold. Internet archive is the best alternative to YouTube when you consider old platforms. It does not allow you with the subscriber option; you can always find Some rare books or old movies to watch in the Internet archives.


It is an alternative video platform to YouTube and allows watching the live news in entertainment, media, and technology. This platform is also known for offering advice on business from experts. It’s streaming a lot of programs of political, sports, science culture, and other genres. It also allows you to access live streams either from your phone or tablet. Moreover, this is also known for providing interview videos. So, one can easily thus as a great alternative to Youtube.


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This is one of the most prominent and apparent video-making applications on the Internet so far. TikTok has become a big craze among the youngsters and the whole generation, making it one of the fastest-growing social media platforms on the Internet. It can create snippets of lip-sync videos, talent videos, and comedy videos that interest the audience looking for fragment-based videos.


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Vimeo is considered the most popular alternative use of YouTube and comprises essential content and an engaging community. This application is common among filmmakers and artists. Vimeo is the best platform to show off your skills and works that you are proud of.


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This site specializes in businesses that are striving for video marketing crusades. This video website lets businesses show live streaming and on-demand videos on their site. One of the best qualities of this website is that it can be operated both on smartphones and desktops. It has various analytical tools that let users customize their videos before uploading them.


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Owned by Adobe Inc., Behance offers services that are meant for creative experts. It is just not any typical entertainment website. From game developers to architects, Behance can be used by professionals who require feedback and media attention for their specialized work. Behance is almost similar to YouTube, except people can also upload pictures and illustrations on the website. In addition to that, it is also not for free, just like YouTube.

Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video is an entertainment video website that is based on subscription and offers high-quality streaming services. Like Netflix, this platform provides web series and movies from different production houses and produces original titles. However, the amount of content made by the website is less than that produced by the significant production parties. Nevertheless, it is a good option for quality content other than YouTube. 


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If you use YouTube, you have probably heard of Vevo. It is a complete entertainment website specialized in music videos. It was found by some of the biggest recording companies in the world in 2008 and games a lot of popularity among the masses and was terms as one of the largest music video providers. However, it has lost fame over the period and is about to shut down soon. However, music lovers and people looking for music-related music can use it as a great alternative to YouTube.


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Hulu is a similar website to Netflix and Amazon Prime video and is a subscription-based site. Hulu provides exclusive movies and web series and offers outstanding service, Hulu+ live TV, in which their subscribers can enjoy television content delivered through internet protocols (IPTV). Even though the Walt Disney Company owns it, it provides content from other significant networks. Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime video are some of the biggest OTT platforms on the Internet and have many common elements.


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Veoh is a website identical to YouTube that provides user-developed content and offers TV programs (only in America). In addition to that, it also previews movies from major production houses. However, if you want to watch full-length movies, you need to install a Veoh Web Player in your browser.

Curiosity Streams

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Curiosity stream is similar to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix as it provides streaming services based on subscription. It has traditional, and 4K plans and is dedicated to providing content from other production houses.


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TET website under the non-profit TED Foundation is an award-winning video website. Here, you can get thousands of recorded audio clips by well-known thought leaders on politics, science, technology, and humanitarian and educational topics. TED has some exclusive features for its prime members, but most of the part, it is free and available for everyone.


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9GAG TV is a popular platform for social media users and every individual seeking quick and humorous videos. Not only does it have video content, but also it’s filled with GIFs and memes, which is why it is mainly loved by Facebook and Twitter users. On 9GAG TV, people can share excellent content with their other companions. You can easily search your favorite topics, as the content in 9GAG TV is very categorized.


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Flickr has over a hundred and twenty million users in sixty-three different countries over the world. Over one million pictures shared daily on the website create a vast collection of content, making it an excellent alternative for YouTube. It can be a little surprising as Flickr is used for sharing photos. However, there is an option for a 3-minute long video. It would help if you also had an account similar to all social media platforms where you would like your pictures and videos. Flicker might not have the best characteristics for video, but it does specialize in boosting viewers for your content


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Much like Dtube, Odysee is based on blockchain technology and additionally utilizes cryptocurrency. It was globally launched in September 2020. It is individualistic of a central division, and users have complete supervision over the content. Also, there are certain principles to be used by the users of Odysee. Furthermore, it does not have a censorship authority like Google. It is ad-free as channels generate revenue on the footing of cryptocurrency.


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Bitchute is one of those sites that use peer-to-peer technology. The videos uploaded here can not be censored. Until and unless the whole website goes down, the content that has been uploaded cannot be removed as the videos are not organized formally.


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LiveLeak is a video website based in the UK. It has content provided by millions of users over the world. You can be a contributor to the content of LiveLeak until and unless your subject of the content is violating the principles and policies of the website. Since it is a medium for numerous unauthorized video creators can certainly come across offending and triggering video clips. Nevertheless, it is still an excellent alternative for YouTube.