5 Tips To Shoot Your Video Like Pro

Shooting steadily– Any video will look a lot more professional and well-crafted if it is simply shot with a steady hand, and without too much disruption. This can be easily handled by just using a tripod or necessary machinery in case the shots require movement. Unless the specific shots need some shaky movement, it is a good idea to invest a little bit in stabilizing the video quality. While all of this can be handled at the post-production stages and done through editing, it is always a good idea to have them managed from the very beginning, which is the shooting stages.


5 Tips To Shoot Like Pro

Creativity– Irrespective of the type of video, it is always a good idea to approach it creatively. This applies to all fields, even if the video you are shooting requires a fair amount of seriousness and is very clear-cut. Just switching up the perspective, or changing the angles often can help to keep viewers engaged and increase their attention to the video. Moreover, if the video demands creativity, it is a good idea to plan it out a little beforehand and begin production with a general idea of the type of shots you are looking for and the amount of time and energy that you will need to invest. This may even include checking for appropriate locations, site visits, figure out the casting and voiceovers, and the entire scripting and direction process of the video before you even begin to shoot it. And don’t forget that it will involve huge amounts of editing when you finally put it together!

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Focus on lighting– Lighting can often turn into an integral part of the way that your entire video pans out and the elements which gain the most attention. It is essential to maintain continuity with your lighting to avoid the final edited video looking jumpy or messy. It Is also a good idea to figure out which sort of lighting your video will need. If there is outdoor shooting, certain locations may look good at specific times of the day and under specific weather conditions. This will require more patience and attention than indoor shooting which makes it a good idea to visit the sites beforehand and scout them properly. It is also a good idea to shoot fast when there is sunlight involved since it can change very quickly. In case of indoor lighting, there may be some amount of experimentation which is involved before you get the perfect results you need. Here, continuity is easier to gain which means you can focus more of your attention towards getting the lights just right and using them more strategically.

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Remember the green screen– If you have any plans of special effects at a later stage, remember to plan them out well in advance so that you can include the green screen wherever necessary. This is also very helpful for movies which require sets and props that cannot be easily handled. Remember that once the green screen has been included, you will need someone who understands the art behind VFX and can implement it wisely. If you can not do it yourself, look into the most appropriate person for the job so that your hard work is not ruined or subpar because you handed it over to someone who was less aware of your vision.

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Record clear sound– Most videos have a significant sound component. If you’ve put in the massive amounts of effort that the shooting takes, it is a good idea to make sure that your sound and audios are also up to the mark so that you do not have to worry later about re-recording them or focusing on unnecessary voiceovers. Consider investing in good quality gear, and setting it up appropriately before you begin shooting. And audio that you intend to add at a later stage should be planned out in advance so that you are not bothered by any ambiguities while editing.

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