Even though videos have become a large part of the marketing strategy of most brands and companies, there still exists some myths and fear that are associated with it. Below, we list some of the most common myths and the reason they don’t make sense.


Every video must go viral: It is highly unlikely that every single video will go viral, irrespective of how much effort you put into it. Moreover, there are some viral videos which go around and still fail to get the response they were intended for. Keep in mind that your aim with your videos is not to gain an insane amount of fame but to focus on putting across your message to the target audience. The number of views is hardly the highest mark of your success. Remember that the quality of your audience is essential, and the conversion rate from them will be higher than from simply putting your videos out into the world.


Short videos are the only useful videos: Another major myth that is used continuously is that videos must be crisp and short because any video that goes past the 90-second mark will get little to no attention. While this may be true in some cases, videos are mostly not that specific, and it is very audience dependent. Have faith in the quality of your content and its ability to connect with the people. As long as the audience interacts with the video, it is a success. Keep it natural and try not to stick to hard and fast rules about duration and format.

Avoid product placement: This is not entirely true, especially if a large part of your revenue or brand depends on it. The main point here is to have tactful, smart placement so that the audience does not feel bothered by it. It is possible to make the audience register the product without actually advertising it in a solid format. Sneakily slipping it in, or using proper psychology to integrate the products into the video is ideal. Moreover, there are numerous brands which pride themselves on the quality of their videos and content. In such cases, the association can do you a lot of good. As long as the overall content is beautiful, the audience will not be concerned about a few ads and product placements that are thrown into the mix.

Videos are time-consuming: This is a massive myth which anyone who has tried making marketing videos can debunk for you. While there are videos which involve hours and months of work, there are also those who get done in minutes. This is entirely dependent on the type of video you are making and the message you are trying to convey. If you choose to employ professionals for the job, they will get the work done at a pace that far outdoes your expectations. It may seem a daunting task to anyone who is not a part of the industry, but it is normal and easy for them. Just make sure that you check in on them regularly and keep tabs so that the video goes as per your plans and there are no glitches in the end.


It is purely for sales: There are some videos which exist solely to market a new product or service and communicating its arrival to the masses. However, these are not the only type of videos which a brand may create. Some videos are designed for social purposes, while others are made to promote the image of the brand overall. Mostly, keep in mind that ideas for videos do not have to be limited to getting leads but can also be for directly communicating powerful messages and increasing the visibility of the brand.

We hope that this article has helped make you realize the actual scope of marketing through videos and the fact that it is not an intimidating task.