Re-purposing your videos is an incredible way to give new life to your content and maximize your budget of video creation. In this article, you are going to get some of the most helpful methods and tactics to ensure your content of video gets the best possible outcomes for your business, with a new platform through social media and other video hosting sites. It is always good to know your target audience and how they are interacting with your brand. Following are some of the tips that have the potential to considerably grow your content reach and your brand.

Short Teaser Style Videos

Short teaser videos or Vines are the trending ones! They can generate more traffic from a platform like social media to the page of your website where you have embedded the full video. Aim to create a video of a length between 6-20 seconds long and post it on social media. Make sure that you choose the best clips which are exciting and interesting from your full-length video to grabs attention from the maximum audience.

Muted Homepage Background Video

Refresh the design of your homepage by adding a background video, an experienced person would recommend muting these as there’s nothing worse than coming into an internet site with autoplay audio blaring away! Extremely spectacular background/ slider videos additionally give some superb looks and some of them make crap of it. So, be selective with the shots you select to incorporate during this video – time lapses and slow-motion close-ups typically work quite well. Also, try and avoid creating your homepage look too untidy or the menu giving trouble to read, black and white is a straightforward and easy way to work for your website.


Trade Shows, Office Loops & Digital Advertising

Another sensible way to maximize the distribution of your video is offline enjoying, having an attention-grabbing video on loop at a trade-show will set you aside from the competition and tempt in additional folks to your stand. The best ways to improve engagement can be done by overlaying motion graphics and adding subtitles Overlaying motion graphics and adding subtitles

Additionally, these re-worked videos will look very skilled on screens in workplace waiting rooms and receptions, in-fact anyplace you’re thinking that your target market would possibly view your video – that specializes in digital marketing offline will generally be very effective and is usually unnoted by competitors.

Tailored Social Media Videos

Below are the most liked social media platforms where you can tailor your video:

Slow-motion gets likes! How to make?, exercise and fashion videos are the fields with a huge number of followers for your business to tap into.

to hook viewers on Facebook keep the video short and use texts and subtitle’s on facebook silent autoplay feature.

an eye-catching thumbnail is the first thing that anyone should consider before posting on twitter! Shorter length explainer videos are excellent for the B2B aspect of Twitter.

LinkedIn is the best platform for sharing corporate videos like industry experts and testimonial videos.
60 Second Edit

Shrinking your 2-3 minute video to 60 seconds which is shorter and snappier edit to induce even a lot of engagement is another way of re-purposing. Opt for the best possible sections from your previous video and cut along a highlights version – with online attention spans changing into ever shorter and therefore the competition to engage audiences becomes increasingly harder, shorter edits are at all times worthwhile and it might even out-perform your original video!