Better Safe Than Sorry

Better safe than sorry

Videography or photography is something you crave for? Then, you may also like to go to different places to shoot. But, has someone ever stopped you from shooting at a certain place? Or asked you to take permission before shooting? Here’s something you should know about making your location-based photo shoot or filmmaking “legit” in terms of being within the law and being “professional” is obtaining a shooting permit.

A location shooting permit is a legal document that allows you to shoot at different public places. The process can be a little terrifying for the new bees, but once you are familiar, it becomes easy as different agencies have the same policy from location to location.

  1.    A permit is necessary when:
  • If you are just casually moving around with your camera for fun and some random captures, you don’t need a permit. But, if you are shooting in public places or something that will have an impact on others that is the time when you will need to get in legality.
  • Is this a commercial shoot? Are the people or traffic around getting disturbed because of your shoot? Are you using any equipment that is restricted in that area? Are you making any changes to the area for shooting purpose? If the answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’ then you are in need for the ‘Permit’.
  1.    Who is the in charge?
  • If you are an organization with a producer or location scout than they will look into such situations and get it done.
  • If you are an organization without any particular source for it, you yourself need to get it done.
  1.    How to get into action?
  • Start with finding out the nearest agencies and photographers, who have gone through such situations for reference.
  • Pick up a copy of the local “production index” for the city in which you are shooting.
  • Eventually, the goal is to find the Government agency websites that give you permit to shoot on the location you wish for.
  • Most of the information regarding the process is available on the website. If not, you can at least get the information of the person who can get you into action.
  1.    Applying for the permit:
  • Contact the agency, let them know that you have found the online forms, which location you want to shoot for, tell them about all equipment you are going to use for shooting, or if there are changes you want to make. Ask questions if you have any.
  • Give the agency some time to undergo through the procedure as the time management depends on the location and its authorities. Also, it varies from agency to agency.
  • Read the fine print carefully without getting threaten as there might be some hidden information within.
  • Complete the form.
  • Submit your form and keep a check that everything is under process.
  • Pay the agency fees or the damage deposits.
  • Get your certificate of insurance, as this protects you if someone gets hurt or anything is damaged.
  • Fulfil all the additional and necessary requirements.
  • Ensure that you have the ‘Final signed permit’. Carry this permit every time you shoot as this is very important and only proof that you have rights for shooting at a certain place.

Whenever you have a plan for an outdoor shooting for your organization make sure you have “The legal permit” with you. So, that if someone questions you, you have an answer to all those questions with that permit. ‘Better be safe with the permit than late with the legal issues.’

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