Why Safety and Health Videos are Crucial to the Construction Industry


No one can afford to overstate the importance of safety and health in the workplace. Especially, one will not take safety for granted when it comes to an industry like construction industry.

A statistics on web states that more than 200 workers die in accidents at the workplace and over lakhs of workers are injured! Adding to this more than 20 lakhs of workers suffer from a different illness which is caused by or exacerbated by their surrounding work environment. So by looking at this statistics, you will come to know how important safety and health training for your staff is!

Everyone is confused about what is the best mode to get the safety message across? Most of the companies go for options like PowerPoint presentations, leaflets or training seminars. But the best mode to get the message across the workers is through a video inducing safety and health. Following are some reasons that will tell you why anyone should invest in making a safety and health video for your corporate business

“Safety & Healthy lessons are so essential – that message needs to get across the workers.”

Conveys a Consistent Message

Providing a consistent lesson to your employees is a key for safety. Getting your employees to watch a safety and healthy video can be considered as every staff member will receive the same lesson in approximately in the same way. This means that every employee will have an equal understanding of the practices of their business. It can be whatever from training a new employee to refresher training for the present employee.

A well-prepared video is much better than any other medium for conveying safety lessons. This means that the staff is more likely to actually grasp in the information being given shown to them.
Delivers Emotion

A video is the best way to convey feelings and emotions. Conveying the message of safety and health as well as training about the same is really the best way for educating the staff. Hence if you want the message hit the home is really crucial then the ability of video to tap into feelings and emotions will be helpful.

Human beings are more likely to recollect an impactful message through video. I am sure you can recollect some form of Public Service Advertisement video that you saw on TV once. That ad might be any promoting safe driving or an anti-smoking ad, we all have seen a video like that which sits with us for some time.

Do you remember any emotive pamphlet you saw only once? Obviously not.

Great Visual Example

Another nice advantage of safety and health video is that it is really ready to offer demonstrations of what it’s talking about. Notably, it is helpful when showing a way to describe a definite action or technique. This implies that there ought to be no confusion from the employees/workers that are watching.


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