How To Get Your Videos Discovered On YouTube

YouTube is a huge platform. Its a most significant advantage for any filmmaker, but it is also the most significant disadvantage for any upcoming filmmaker today. Because it is so crowded that the audience loses track of a single page. Even if they like a specific page, they get distracted soon by similar pages. When there is so much competition on YouTube, it becomes tough for a page to survive and get noticed. Here in this blog, we will explain about ‘how one can get videos discovered on YouTube?


It is effortless to answer the question that is being asked in the last paragraph. To get noticed, you have to stand out. Your page should strike out as a unique one but at the same time should have all the necessary information. Building the YouTube page is the essential thing. People generally lose interest in the pages without a profile picture or other critical information. If you check out all the significant pages of YouTube, you can find a striking similarity amongst all of them, i.e.

They have a thematic presentation of the page where every element is in sync. The profile picture, the cover art, including the username all depicts to a singular style. So the first point is clear, pay attention to the formation of the page.
Once you have to build your page very passionately, you will be automatically inclined to make contents that will suit the style of your page. It is an essential thing to notice that the manner of your page will have an impact on a certain kind of audience. They will expect precisely the type of videos that your page radiates and in case they don’t, they will be disappointed. So content creation is considered the next crucial thing to direct traffic to your page. Your contents must have some quality.

Understand the demand of the audience. Do basic research and collect as many video contents on that subject. Preparing a script will provide a critical advantage to your content, and the structure of the video will get well organized. To know the demand of your audience always try to be interactive and revert to them in style. Understand the way they speak; sometimes, they want you to make videos better than your contemporary, and sometimes they want you to explore a different approach. Try to articulate it and ask for feedback. The demands of the audience will atleast give you a reason to make videos, and you never know, but that might be building your fanbase. One more important thing is that you have to make contents regularly and upload it at regular intervals so that you are always in the mind of your followers.


Collaborating with other YouTube pages is also a unique way to promote your videos and attracting attention.

Supposedly you are a budding rapper with a decent amount of followers. All of a sudden a short time but mainstream Indian Cinema’s playback singer notices you. Try to take him on your side and request them to make a video with you. That will give you the response that you have never imagined. Try doing that with other YouTube stars and don’t stop until you get a substantial amount of followers.

voice over-artist
Tagging your video can also do miracles for you. Tagging them with proper vital words help your video get discovered easily. People may stumble upon your videos while going through any similar content video, and this is only possible with the help of tagging. Use keywords for that purpose too because they work like magnets. The ether of the web is very suggestive. When a keyword is typed and if you have used it on your video.

Then it automatically suggests your video in the search results, so this process should not be ignored.
Promoting is the most crucial part of this whole process. You have to go out and support your videos, and that is the only way your contents will get noticed. Try promoting your video on multiple social media platforms. That will have a definite effect as the people connected to you in different other platforms will notice it. If they like, they may also begin promoting it in those platforms. This, in turn, helps the page to get seen in multiple platforms also. One more last thing is that we have seen at the end of every YouTube videos they request liking, sharing, and subscribing. The idea is you have also to do it, but try doing it uniquely. Some pages try too hard to give this message. Try to be as moderate as possible and do it in very less time. Try not to be repetitive and keep on innovating ways.

In the end, we can conclude by saying that three important things should be taken care of if we want our YouTube page to get noticed.

1- Create the first impression by building your page.

2- Secondly mesmerize them by creating quality contents.

3- promote your videos smartly and finally repeat this process until you get a substantial number of followers.