How to Hook Your Video Audience

Opening or closing of the presentation should be excellent and engaging, whether it is in an explainer video or any other mode of online marketing or offline promotion. If it is effective, half of the battle is won. Some of the most common errors should be avoided, which can make your viewers quit viewing.

A killer set of first few and last few lines can make a remarkable difference on the audience. Similarly, a good beginning and ending of a marketing video mean an excellent opportunity for making an impression on prospective and existing clients. Making an excellent video for corporate purposes requires perfect professional skills in video marketing.

Crucial results of studies

  • It has been found out in studies conducted that the average human attention timespan is mostly first eight seconds of when they start watching the video and if those eight seconds are not able to hook the viewers, they will probably move to the next.
  • To fully utilize the first eight seconds in a compelling manner, listed below are few important video marketing tips that can enact as bait for video audience to keep them engaging till the end.

1) It should be crisp and quick

Promotional videos should be very engaging as their sole purpose is to grab viewers attention besides holding it until the end. So, any creativity that can bring in this engagement cannot be compromised while creating videos.
The introduction of the video should be catchy enough to grab attention. Emotions play a very crucial role here. If the video maker professional would be able to trigger an emotional response at the starting of the video, it will keep the audience intrigued.

2) The title should be bold

If the video titles are snappy, it will grab the attention of viewers more quickly, as usually, viewers don’t want to watch unnecessary details in videos. It is always better to do proper research for the keywords that should be inserted in the dialogues for the digital marketing purpose.
Your video should SEO friendly. That would increase the chances of ranking in the top, grabbing more views from the prospective audiences.

3)High-quality picture and sound

The quality of pictures and sound in the video for online marketing purpose should be excellent because poor quality videos are discarded by viewers promptly. Such videos create an impression regarding the brand, so don’t compromise with the video quality if you are getting it made for your product promotion or introduction. Always settle for HD quality videos with outstanding poster frame so that it could tempt the viewers at a glance.

4) Try to be convincing

The video content should be convincing enough for the audience so that they not only keep viewing it to the end but are also convinced to ultimately buy the product, which is the main aim behind such videos. Viewers are usually interested in knowing what the brand has to offer for their convenience. So, give the details of the brand itself in the description of the video or as the content on the landing page. The video should be more focused on the problems and solutions of the clients.



5) Be relatable

Always ask the video production company to produce the content in such a manner that it is relatable with the viewers. Ask the production company to understand the demography of your future clients well before-in-advance. Make sure the content comes in such a manner that audiences feel charmed and connected. Out-of-the-way content is usually not able to hook masses.

6) Hire an influencer if you can

An influencer promoting any product or services is usually able to generate and create audiences for the video. So if it is in the budget, get some VIP influencers that could market for the brand. These guest in videos could be a celebrity from the film industry, sports industry, social workers, or any other field expert.


7) Make repetition a rule

Always remember people tend to forget, to create an embedded impression on their mind you have to keep repeating. Keep repeating and promoting your product during the video in the possible natural way. Encouraging them to try the product towards the end of the video through the crisp dialogues is quite a good strategy for creating a great impact.

8) Dialogue delivery and usage of words

Videos are meant for the visual delight, correct dialogue delivery, and choosing the right words within a few seconds of your video can create a great impact on the audience. Using words like ‘you’ once or twice in the first few seconds of your video has been found to create impact.

7) Narrate the message in the beginning

Well-made online marketing video should give in a nutshell the important message and what is about to begin in the video. Every content in the video is vital, but getting the idea, in the beginning, helps to engage clients till the end.

Engaging video production is quite a difficult task which should be handled by professionals because holding concentration is difficult and requires perfection in the job. But this is not impossible because if every related aspect of the video is thoroughly worked upon, it can result in engaging, relatable and tailor-made content to suit the corporate needs. Good video production company knows how to get every aspect included in the video produced, that will keep the audience hooked and result in conversions ultimately.