An Approachable Method To Pitch Your Audience Better – Explainer Videos

Every corporate house needs their product promotion for which explainer videos play a crucial role. The current business environment is backed by digital platforms, print media, and other forms of advertising. Using promotional videos, corporate houses communicate with their prospective clients, can train their employees or introduce any new product or service in the market. The only prerequisite for the success of such video is, it should come out in the best possible quality to be able to create the desired effects. It should be crisp enough to convey the desired concept in a nutshell. And for this purpose, the corporate house should prefer using the services of experts in this field. Although various software and applications are available on the internet that suggests making such videos of own but services of experts have various perks added to it.


Reasons that force indulgence in such videos

There are various reasons for which companies indulge in using explainer videos that should be well made by professionals. Few of them are as follows:-

  • For promoting products by telling the story behind it
  • Training of employees
  • Conferences with management
  • Launching new products and promoting corporate culture to the employees
  • For hiring new employees and explaining them the procedure for the same

Now let us have an insight into these reasons.

1) Recruits

When a corporate house has to hire new staff, an experienced video production team can lay down the procedure and the prerequisites with the company using explainer techniques. Such videos are quite approachable to the young blood.
A good quality explainer video made with professional assistance can be of great help in giving direction to future employees. It can connect with the potential employees more comfortably if the video revolves around recruitment policy and procedure.

2) Entertaining the existing staff

Even for retaining and encouraging competitive stuff already existing with the corporate house, a well-executed promotional video using animation technique could be a good source of encouraging them using an appropriate sense of humor.

3) Promotion of product
Corporate house, whether big or small, can use promotional videos as the best investment for the company to pitch their product making use of videos on various media platforms.

4) A great resource for business house

Right from the basic step in the product demonstration, explainer videos can very crisply and clearly explains the usage of the product and its benefits. Well executed video for the product demonstration is a great asset and a resourceful tool for business profile.

Uses of product promotion videos


1) Source of explaining in a comprehensible manner

Animated corporate instruction video can very well explain procedure and techniques that can trigger sales for a marketing executive. The animation technique used in such videos is viewable by all the genres of people as masses and classes like such video viewing in the same stride.

2) Visual delights are viewers

Studies have confirmed that people retain 90% of the information they watch. A quote about explainer videos can be very aptly quoted that says videos humanize the process of selling but in a more approachable and easier way.

3) Saves Time

A very brief and crisp explainer video can explain the entire process within a few minutes. This helps in saving upon the time of clients offering the facility of watching On-the-go.

4) Solution for problems

Most of the time, these videos offer a solution to the problem for the benefit of prospective clients.
The content which can be shared in the written form, in explainer videos is explained through visual, which makes more impactful and effective. The videos enable creating a long-lasting relationship amongst the consumer and corporate.

5) Usage of various creative styles

Creative visuals added to such explainer videos can make viewers’ viewing experience memorable.
Jingle, music, or voice over in these videos create the desired impact. Viewers like watching the videos till the end, which indirectly means they are grabbing the message that is to be conveyed.

6) Same format for different platforms

A big benefit of using educational or promotional videos is that it can be used on different platforms without any need for changing the format. These can be shared on YouTube, website homepage, on the landing page or on social media platforms, which brings the synchronization in the brand image and acceptability among is the viewer.

7) Content in Nutshell

Corporate houses can use such presentations to showcase their business offers to the associates or prospective clients in a very short and relevant manner. So we can say explainer videos say a lot more content visuals in a nutshell which would take pages to be explained in the textual form.

Summing up the benefits of pitching by explainer Videos

Captivating and memorable corporate usage video acts as an excellent resource for a company with which it can reap the benefits in the form of sales conversions. Animation video on the landing page will keep the viewers hooked for an extended, which is suitable for search engine ranking methods of digital marketing.

It is mandatory for a true entrepreneur to make a careful choice in selecting the production studio in this field of video production for corporate benefits.